14 June 2011


Raleigh greets you with heaps and heaps of green foliage and big scented blooms.


And the "Hot Donuts" sign was ON. As soon as I got home I wished I'd eaten more. Much more.

Mmmm...it's good to be down South again.

I learned how to cook fresh shrimp! It is very easy! I also learned how to peel and eat it. Also very easy! Why did I not know this before?


It's peach season. I told the guy working at this stand, which had two more sides just like this one, that this was the most peaches I had ever seen IN MY LIFE. He thought I was pulling his leg.


An afternoon at the North Carolina Museum of Art. This Mona Lisa is made of 5,184 spools of thread. I was horrified at how much that would have cost to make--at least $4,000, even with a Joann's coupon! But then we noticed the plaque said the thread was donated. Artists get all the luck.

Mona Lisa

In the morning we'd go for a walk and say Hi to this bun who lived on a porch nearby. I know! A porch bunny! Can you believe it?

Porch Bunny

Here is my mom and aunt Betsy, whom we went to see. She was diagnosed with not-so-nice cancer last summer.

Mom and Betsy

Betsy is an inspiration--beautiful inside and out and gracious and so candid about her cancer. I'm so lucky to have gotten to spend this time with her and her family.

I was pretty anxious about this trip. Leaving the girls, traveling just me and my mom, not knowing how glad Betsy would be to see me (my niece-ing skills have been below average). But as you could have probably predicted, Brent and the girls survived without me, my mom was mellow yellow, and Betsy was very glad to see me. It turned out to be a very nice trip.

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