01 June 2011

Mittens and Gardening


Ok, I admit, not the most seasonally appropriate project. But I do hate summer knits. And it was a tiny bit chilly last night, with all the wind. I bet you wished you had nice wool mittens to wear, right?


And you can't see it but the yarn has a sparkle strand in it. A little sparkle sparkle, that's what I'm talking about.

I don't have any cute pics of the kids today. But look I have plants!

Lily of the Valley

These Lily of the Valley are transplants from my dad's garden. They came out of nowhere this year--one minute I was thinking they didn't make it through the winter and the next minute they look like that.

I was so excited to see a jack-in-the-pulpit in the fairy garden! It's from a woodland mix at the Fair last year.


The planter on the front porch turned out nice, don't you think? I used to spend all my time in the garden store resisting pink. I don't know why. Now, I pink it up. If I ever opened a garden store, I would put all the flowers in rainbow order. Wouldn't that be nicer?


I just made this today, a No Soliciting rock on the front porch, which I throw at you if you come try to sell something. And yes that includes scouts. Because I'm a scrooge like that. BAAAAHHHH HUMBUG.

No Soliciting!

I made this due to an incident last night, when someone rang the bell while I was putting the kids to bed. Except I wasn't doing very well putting the kids to bed--Bella was naked and Emily was running around, and so Emily runs to the door by herself and says, "HI. Bella NUDIE. I want a sucker!" and I can hear the person saying, "Is your mommy home?" and that's when I find out I'm not above sending nude Bella out to say I'm in fact NOT home. Hence the rock.

Brent voted for this sign instead.

I'm not sure what you're in range of, since we have no weapons. His secure wifi network? His Xbox remote? His mini Scottish Claymore letter opener? His nude children and boulder-throwing wife? His house full of blinding amounts of PINK?

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