19 June 2011

Father's Day "Camping" Trip

Not a bad day for camping after all! (tonight may be another story)

I'm sure Brent dreads Father's day, being as he's not much for camping and I always book us a site. It's a CURSE TRADITION! This year we headed up to Rice Creek Chain of Lakes (which I always say as Chain-O-Lakes, I just can't help myself), which is quite a nice campground. We actually ended up not really camping, per se, so much as picnicking. Or as I like to call it, picamping. Due to some yucky weather and Bella's lingering tummy ache, we decided to just go Saturday morning and stay for a picnic.


It was kind of a good easing into the camping season. I only had to pack 3 cubic tons of crap instead of 9.

Camp Lunch

Here is Mimi, enjoying her balanced lunch of cheetos and strawberries. I know, and I wonder why Bella has a tummy ache!

Camp Cook

So we got home Saturday afternoon, and since I was home I toodled over to the garage sale my cousin and some others were having. I had two van loads of crappola on the sale. I made $236 and had to take a van load of crappola home again. BOO! I think I spent more than that on babysitters while I was cleaning out and marking and helping set up the sale.

BUT, I did make enough to buy a pretty cool Father's Day present for Brent... a kayak! Which for some reason I don't have a picture of. WHA?? How could I not have photographed him getting his new blue kayak?! Especially with Mimi yelling for him to "PUT ON YOUR PADDLE COAT DAD!", while dragging his huge life vest out of the house. Paddle coat? Oh we about bust a gut. Mimi, you're hilarious.

 Well, he knows the drill, he'll have to reenact it.

Happy Father's Day to Brent and my dad and all the other wonderful dads in our lives!

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