29 June 2011

Day Camp

First day of day camp!

This week Bella has been at Dora the Explorer day camp. She gets to spend four afternoons exploring the woods, pond, and prairie with Backpack and Map! This is her third time at this same camp. She looks forward to it all year. "This one time, at DORA CAMP..."

Mimi, of course, was none too happy about this situation. She wanted to get sprayed with bug spray. She wanted to carry a lunch box with snacks in it. She wanted to blow bubbles. SHE WANTED TO GO TO DORA CAMP! 

This is why, no matter what anyone may tell you, it is hard to be a little sister. Because instead of Dora Camp, she has to go home and take a nap. And no amount of sugar coating changes the fact that your sister is having fun and you are sleeping.

So, after we get Bella each afternoon, we go to Cup'n'Cone and Mimi can pick anything she wants.

Which is always exactly whatever Bella is having. 

Kiddie Cone

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