25 June 2011

Date Night

The Glitter Family

Sometimes I think we forget how to properly execute a date night. This time we ended up shuffling around the mall. Because we apparently are back in junior high. I'm half surprised we didn't end up shoplifting and getting our ears pierced. Instead we ended up in the Apple Store. Where I about had a stroke due to all the babies and toddlers in there AT NINE PM! Earth to hipsters YOUR KIDS SHOULD BE IN BED!! NOT HELPING YOU BUY ANOTHER IPAD!!!

Blood Pressure Rising!!! breeeeeeeeathe

Of course being such a Judgy Judgerton made me pretty thirsty, so we sat down for a coffee in Border's. Brent's phone crashes trying to pull up this Jackie Evancho video, which I am freaking out that he's never seen. It must not have made it on Slashdot. His phone never recovers and he keeps muttering darkly about that opera video. So we head over to see a movie, "Super 8." It was in the super deluxe IMAX theater, which is barely discernible from a regular theater except that it is $31 for the two of us OH MY LORD Blood Pressure Rising!!! A little ways into the movie I was questioning exactly what about it made Brent think I would like it and first he tried just shushing me and then he whispered, "it's just like X-Files! You like X-Files!"


The girls had a wonderful time with their babysitters, my parents, who took them for a walk and fed them lots of cookies. So fun was had by all.

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