26 June 2011

Community Homestead Pig Roast


A trip to a farm! Our CSA had a pig roast and folk dance.

Horse and Buggy

We got to tour the fields and see all the fruits and vegetables and flowers.

You can sit on me!

Emily was very excited to sit in this tractor!


There was face painting.


So proud!

Getting a Rainbow

Emily saw other kids riding on their dads' shoulders and wanted to try it.


Baker Girls

The cow pie raffle...a chance to gamble. Emily says, "Cow eats popcorn?" and then "Cow needs a diaper!"

Cow Pie Raffle

There was a folk dance too and a buffet like you wouldn't even believe.

I love a nice wholesome day with the family. And at a farm! So wholesome! The girls talked about it until they fell asleep that night. This is what childhood is made of.