29 June 2011

Day Camp

First day of day camp!

This week Bella has been at Dora the Explorer day camp. She gets to spend four afternoons exploring the woods, pond, and prairie with Backpack and Map! This is her third time at this same camp. She looks forward to it all year. "This one time, at DORA CAMP..."

Mimi, of course, was none too happy about this situation. She wanted to get sprayed with bug spray. She wanted to carry a lunch box with snacks in it. She wanted to blow bubbles. SHE WANTED TO GO TO DORA CAMP! 

This is why, no matter what anyone may tell you, it is hard to be a little sister. Because instead of Dora Camp, she has to go home and take a nap. And no amount of sugar coating changes the fact that your sister is having fun and you are sleeping.

So, after we get Bella each afternoon, we go to Cup'n'Cone and Mimi can pick anything she wants.

Which is always exactly whatever Bella is having. 

Kiddie Cone

27 June 2011

Strawberry Waffles

Picking Strawberries

Strawberries are the angels of the earth, 
innocent and sweet with green leafy wings reaching heavenward.  
~Terri Guillemets

In honor of our strawberry angels, we pick them with no pants on and eat them out of a bucket like a cow. But we do it all very reverently.

And we make waffles!

Strawberry Waffles

Strawberry Waffles
makes about 8 waffles (non-Belgian)
basic recipe is from Pancakes and Waffles 

1 1/2 cups flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
3 tablespoons sugar
3 eggs, separated
1 cup milk
5 tablespoons melted butter
2 teaspoons vanilla
1 cup cut-up strawberries, tiny pieces

Combine the flour, baking powder, salt, and sugar. Mix together separately the egg yolks, milk, butter, and vanilla. Add the dry ingredients and mix a little bit. Beat the egg whites until stiff and fold into the batter. Fold in the strawberry pieces. Cook in a waffle iron.

These were a great breakfast to fuel up for a big morning of geocaching. We set out to find the Dinosaur Train (a PBS cartoon) geocache. Brent accidentally found it in about 15 seconds after we started looking. D'OH!


Kind of anticlimactic.


So we used my phone to find another one nearby. That made us a feel a little better. We like a good treasure hunt. Then we played at a park and called it a morning. And a nice morning it was. Time to take our pants off and pick some strawberries!

26 June 2011

Community Homestead Pig Roast


A trip to a farm! Our CSA had a pig roast and folk dance.

Horse and Buggy

We got to tour the fields and see all the fruits and vegetables and flowers.

You can sit on me!

Emily was very excited to sit in this tractor!


There was face painting.


So proud!

Getting a Rainbow

Emily saw other kids riding on their dads' shoulders and wanted to try it.


Baker Girls

The cow pie raffle...a chance to gamble. Emily says, "Cow eats popcorn?" and then "Cow needs a diaper!"

Cow Pie Raffle

There was a folk dance too and a buffet like you wouldn't even believe.

I love a nice wholesome day with the family. And at a farm! So wholesome! The girls talked about it until they fell asleep that night. This is what childhood is made of.

25 June 2011

Date Night

The Glitter Family

Sometimes I think we forget how to properly execute a date night. This time we ended up shuffling around the mall. Because we apparently are back in junior high. I'm half surprised we didn't end up shoplifting and getting our ears pierced. Instead we ended up in the Apple Store. Where I about had a stroke due to all the babies and toddlers in there AT NINE PM! Earth to hipsters YOUR KIDS SHOULD BE IN BED!! NOT HELPING YOU BUY ANOTHER IPAD!!!

Blood Pressure Rising!!! breeeeeeeeathe

Of course being such a Judgy Judgerton made me pretty thirsty, so we sat down for a coffee in Border's. Brent's phone crashes trying to pull up this Jackie Evancho video, which I am freaking out that he's never seen. It must not have made it on Slashdot. His phone never recovers and he keeps muttering darkly about that opera video. So we head over to see a movie, "Super 8." It was in the super deluxe IMAX theater, which is barely discernible from a regular theater except that it is $31 for the two of us OH MY LORD Blood Pressure Rising!!! A little ways into the movie I was questioning exactly what about it made Brent think I would like it and first he tried just shushing me and then he whispered, "it's just like X-Files! You like X-Files!"


The girls had a wonderful time with their babysitters, my parents, who took them for a walk and fed them lots of cookies. So fun was had by all.

19 June 2011

Father's Day "Camping" Trip

Not a bad day for camping after all! (tonight may be another story)

I'm sure Brent dreads Father's day, being as he's not much for camping and I always book us a site. It's a CURSE TRADITION! This year we headed up to Rice Creek Chain of Lakes (which I always say as Chain-O-Lakes, I just can't help myself), which is quite a nice campground. We actually ended up not really camping, per se, so much as picnicking. Or as I like to call it, picamping. Due to some yucky weather and Bella's lingering tummy ache, we decided to just go Saturday morning and stay for a picnic.


It was kind of a good easing into the camping season. I only had to pack 3 cubic tons of crap instead of 9.

Camp Lunch

Here is Mimi, enjoying her balanced lunch of cheetos and strawberries. I know, and I wonder why Bella has a tummy ache!

Camp Cook

So we got home Saturday afternoon, and since I was home I toodled over to the garage sale my cousin and some others were having. I had two van loads of crappola on the sale. I made $236 and had to take a van load of crappola home again. BOO! I think I spent more than that on babysitters while I was cleaning out and marking and helping set up the sale.

BUT, I did make enough to buy a pretty cool Father's Day present for Brent... a kayak! Which for some reason I don't have a picture of. WHA?? How could I not have photographed him getting his new blue kayak?! Especially with Mimi yelling for him to "PUT ON YOUR PADDLE COAT DAD!", while dragging his huge life vest out of the house. Paddle coat? Oh we about bust a gut. Mimi, you're hilarious.

 Well, he knows the drill, he'll have to reenact it.

Happy Father's Day to Brent and my dad and all the other wonderful dads in our lives!

14 June 2011


Raleigh greets you with heaps and heaps of green foliage and big scented blooms.


And the "Hot Donuts" sign was ON. As soon as I got home I wished I'd eaten more. Much more.

Mmmm...it's good to be down South again.

I learned how to cook fresh shrimp! It is very easy! I also learned how to peel and eat it. Also very easy! Why did I not know this before?


It's peach season. I told the guy working at this stand, which had two more sides just like this one, that this was the most peaches I had ever seen IN MY LIFE. He thought I was pulling his leg.


An afternoon at the North Carolina Museum of Art. This Mona Lisa is made of 5,184 spools of thread. I was horrified at how much that would have cost to make--at least $4,000, even with a Joann's coupon! But then we noticed the plaque said the thread was donated. Artists get all the luck.

Mona Lisa

In the morning we'd go for a walk and say Hi to this bun who lived on a porch nearby. I know! A porch bunny! Can you believe it?

Porch Bunny

Here is my mom and aunt Betsy, whom we went to see. She was diagnosed with not-so-nice cancer last summer.

Mom and Betsy

Betsy is an inspiration--beautiful inside and out and gracious and so candid about her cancer. I'm so lucky to have gotten to spend this time with her and her family.

I was pretty anxious about this trip. Leaving the girls, traveling just me and my mom, not knowing how glad Betsy would be to see me (my niece-ing skills have been below average). But as you could have probably predicted, Brent and the girls survived without me, my mom was mellow yellow, and Betsy was very glad to see me. It turned out to be a very nice trip.

01 June 2011

Mittens and Gardening


Ok, I admit, not the most seasonally appropriate project. But I do hate summer knits. And it was a tiny bit chilly last night, with all the wind. I bet you wished you had nice wool mittens to wear, right?


And you can't see it but the yarn has a sparkle strand in it. A little sparkle sparkle, that's what I'm talking about.

I don't have any cute pics of the kids today. But look I have plants!

Lily of the Valley

These Lily of the Valley are transplants from my dad's garden. They came out of nowhere this year--one minute I was thinking they didn't make it through the winter and the next minute they look like that.

I was so excited to see a jack-in-the-pulpit in the fairy garden! It's from a woodland mix at the Fair last year.


The planter on the front porch turned out nice, don't you think? I used to spend all my time in the garden store resisting pink. I don't know why. Now, I pink it up. If I ever opened a garden store, I would put all the flowers in rainbow order. Wouldn't that be nicer?


I just made this today, a No Soliciting rock on the front porch, which I throw at you if you come try to sell something. And yes that includes scouts. Because I'm a scrooge like that. BAAAAHHHH HUMBUG.

No Soliciting!

I made this due to an incident last night, when someone rang the bell while I was putting the kids to bed. Except I wasn't doing very well putting the kids to bed--Bella was naked and Emily was running around, and so Emily runs to the door by herself and says, "HI. Bella NUDIE. I want a sucker!" and I can hear the person saying, "Is your mommy home?" and that's when I find out I'm not above sending nude Bella out to say I'm in fact NOT home. Hence the rock.

Brent voted for this sign instead.

I'm not sure what you're in range of, since we have no weapons. His secure wifi network? His Xbox remote? His mini Scottish Claymore letter opener? His nude children and boulder-throwing wife? His house full of blinding amounts of PINK?