30 May 2011



Well it looks like it may be summer!
We eat outside and play outside and draw with chalk and poke around in the garden, unless it is tornadoing, which is only about a third of the time. The other two-thirds, we BASK. BAAAAASSSSSK!

Veggies Planted

I scaled way back on my grandiose garden plans, since we decided to join a CSA this year, after thinking about it for years. I was a little afraid we'd end up buried in vegetables. So we just planted tomatoes, lettuce, herbs, and carrots. There's also the strawberry bed and some sunflowers in with the carrots.

We had to laugh when we went to the Farmer's Market this weekend--do you want rhubarb and green onions, or green onions and rhubarb? There were like twenty tables with rhubarb. I bet I can guess what's going to be in our first CSA box! Guess I'll be making a lot of rhubarb custard cake. Worse things could happen.

Farmer's Market

Farmer's Market

We had a wonderful Saturday in St. Paul. It was our first trip to the Farmer's Market of the season and was a beautiful day. I got some annuals and Brent and Bella bought some turkey jerky. We ate lunch at Golden's Deli, with live music and fish and chips, or tartar sauce and chips if you're Mimi, who is confident with her figure.

Beach Girl

See? Cute as a button.

This is on Memorial Day at my aunt and uncle's cabin. The cousins played in the lake all day. They were quite comical on this boat--switching seat arrangements, falling overboard, tying it to the dock, casting off from the dock, falling overboard.


Some of us took the jolly roger out for a booze cruise.

Pontoon Ride

The combination of Emily's giant life vest and her stubby arms made it so she spent the whole boat ride putting tremendous effort into eating a box of raisins. Hey whatever keeps you busy, little one!

I hope you all had a great Memorial Day!

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