18 May 2011

Some projects

Check out the Fairy House Bella and I made! We are so proud.

Fairy House

It has a kitchen, a bedroom, a ceiling fan, lots of flowers, a grand staircase, a swing, a bench for relaxing, a table, a fishing pole, and several other very clever features.

It's almost as cute as this house, which I walk by everyday on my way to work.

Pink House

Completely pink, down to the shingles. I love it.

Speaking of pink, I made my mom this scarf for her birthday.

Liberty of London Scarf

It is Liberty of London cotton lawn. The pattern is from the awesome Purl Bee. All of their projects are so amazing, even if they often forget to take cost into account, being as they own a fabric and yarn store, and about 50% of the time throw up a temptingly awesome project with $400 in supplies required. Luckily, this was not (quite) one of those projects!

I'm going to go ahead and assume mom likes her scarf even though she took it off right after this picture.

Speaking of gifts of lukewarm reception, here is a village frock I made for Mimi!

Village Frock

I had to bribe her with an Oreo just to take this picture. I don't blame her, it did turn out a little wonky. Mainly just short--but I think I can fix that. Or possibly I've lost interest. We'll see!

I will leave you with Mimi singing "You Can Fly" from Peter Pan. She loves Peter Pan so much that sometimes we call her Mr. Smeemi. Teehee.

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