08 May 2011

A pretty good BAAAAH-rthday

When I thought up that pun, about it being my baaaaaah-rthday, I tried it out on Brent. Who, although he tried very hard not to, laughed.

It's funny because of the sheep.


And because I like to baaaah. And butt my head against things.


And I like wool.


Which is why for my birthday, after a very sweet breakfast in bed, we headed over to the Shepherds Harvest festival.

Dyed Curls

The kids were entertained by several aspects, including cheeseburgers in the 4-H building and watching the folk musicians, one of whom had some kind of seed pod rubber banded to his shoe so he could tap/rattle. Fascinating! When we stopped to pet a baby sheep (on a leash), they both went into hysterics. Mimi screaming "SCARY SHEEP!!" and Bella clawing her way up to Brent's shoulders. Maybe we need to expose them to more animals?

I bought some beautiful hand-dyed 100% alpaca in the color "Spumoni." I can't wait to find the perfect project for it.

Then we came home and baked the traditional Peanut Patch Cake.

Birthday Cake

And ate it.

Birthday Cake

(I'm not sure what Emily is doing in this picture. She appears to be gagging herself with a spoon.)

Then I ripped three dead bushes out of the garden and enjoyed the perfect weather.

We usually go out to dinner at Muffeletta, my favorite restaurant, for my birthday. But we just went out last Saturday and I was feeling cheap and lazy. So we had leftovers, stuck the kids in bed, and watched TV while drinking prosecco and eating cheese. Which turned out to be a perfect evening!

Sunday we had Mother's Day brunch with my mother-in-law. We had ham, spinach and potato egg bake, fresh bread, berries, and mimosas.

Mother's Day Brunch


That picture is from Easter, but she looks more or less the same today. :)

Happy Mothers Day to all you moms and your moms!

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