04 April 2011

Trip Report: Macy's Flower Show (part 1)

Another trip report? GAAAAHHHHH!!!

Macy's Flower Show--super great as usual!

Just kidding. But I will tell you about the flower show! We went down last Sunday for opening day. I think it would have been worth the trip downtown just to sniff. The elevators open and it smells so green! and mossy! The whole family quieted down and inhaled in. Even though 75% of us would rather we had gone to Davanni's.

Flower Show: Daffodils

I love the happy little daffodils and the way they mulched them with oak leaves. Like a walk in the woods!

Flower Show: MOSS!

And moss, of course. Hello moss! I thought I might run into you today!

Flower Show: Mimi

And Hello Mimi! How cute you look in that little knitted jumper!

It was very crowded in there, so I didn't get to linger as much as I would have liked. But it was a nice show, better than some but not as good as others. (Anyone who accompanies me to the flower show always has to hear about the utter bliss that was the year they did a Beatrix Potter theme).

We ended with a big frosted cookie, a rice krispie bar, milk, and a raspberry scone.

And something else I have been meaning to share... Emily's Birthday Quilt!

Brown Bear, Brown Bear Quilt

She loves Brown Bear, Brown Bear (it's a book, but here's a video version we love, if you have no idea what I'm talking about). Which is lucky since I bought this fabric and pattern before she was born. The power of suggestion. I WILL MAKE YOU LOVE BROWN BEAR!


Oh good it worked.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear Quilt

I even tried fancy variegated King Tut quilt thread for the first time (great) and fusible cotton batting (SUPER great). I backed it with flannel, so it is pretty snuggly.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear Quilt

It has a little label stitched on the back too, but Emily was so distressed at having her blankie yoinked this way and that while I was taking these pictures that I ended up giving up.

I guess that means she likes it!

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