28 April 2011


So it may come as no surprise to you that Peeper Pan didn't win anything. I was kind of disappointed. But at least first place went to a State Fair-related diorama. FAIR!!!

So I'll just catch you up on the last few weeks.

Brent went to Brazil.


This is the view from his balcony. It's ok to hate him a little bit.


But in case he got too full of himself, they made him ride to the conference on this pink bus.


My parents came to stay while he was gone. Which was great.

Then it snowed. NOT GREAT.


We dyed eggs.

Easter Eggs

I remember before we had kids I used to dye the eggs with all-natural dyes--I'd simmer beets, use turmeric, and save paper onion skins for months. Now we use the Tinker Bell extra neon bright kit.

Dying Eggs

The girls went through 18 eggs in about 90 seconds. So they did them all again! and again!!

Dying Eggs

We went to a nice Easter at my sister-in-law's house.

Easter Dinner

I have hosted Easter for six years. But it got to be too much for me.

Egg Hunt

Sally, my sister-in-law, took it all in stride. Even with her four kids.

Sally and two girls

I am wrapped up in Royal Wedding fever. My aunt gave me this book:

Royal Wedding Knits

I about layed a turmeric-dyed egg when she gave it to me. Because it is the awesomest thing you've ever seen, no? Also, this dishtowel, from Cath Kidston. Which is for my mom but I have hung it up until her next visit. She would want it that way.

Royal Wedding Tea Towel

So there, I think that about catches us up. Thanks for the peep votes last week!

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