10 March 2011

Trip Report: Disney World

Day 1

7 bags and a stroller

Our flight was a delight! Or as much of a delight as a flight can be with a wiggly, angry, 30-lb toddler crammed onto your lap. The girls loved watching the other airplanes "blast off" at the airport and then were fairly entertained on the flight by a steady stream of snacks and markers. Bella was proud as punch to have her own flip down tray! (The things we take for granted)

First airplane ride!

At the Orlando airport, Emily finally fell asleep as we pulled up to the jetway. We got on the Disney Magical Express bus and Emily is so proud to have her own seat, just like big sister. She won't let me touch her for fear I will make her sit on my lap again.

Polynesian Resort

Before we know it we are at the Polynesian Resort, our resort. We hop off and are absolutely blown away by how incredibly green and gorgeous it is. There's Hawaiian music playing, waterfalls, orchids, palms, warm air, they put a lei around your neck, the air smells like chocolate chip cookies. We have had snow since November 13, so I'm sure you will understand when I tell you I actually started to cry!

Polynesian Resort

We grab something gross to eat and then throw on our shorts and head to Magic Kingdom (although we should have gone to bed! I think we were high on greenery), where we arrive right at the start of the Electrical parade, then the Magic light show on the castle, then the Wishes fireworks.

Wishes Fireworks

It was such an amazing way to start out our trip. The girls were exhausted and fell asleep in their strollers but woke up and were pretty cranky back in the room. Emily saw her pack'n'play and then looked at Bella's queen bed and was like, "Oh HELL NO." Luckily, two year olds have no control over their own consciousness and she was out like a light in no time. (By the end of the trip, she wanted to be in her pack'n'play at all times, because she discovered there were always NUKS in there!)

Day 2

Magic Kingdom

The next day we are up pretty early and monorail over to Magic Kingdom, where we properly introduce the girls to the magic of Disney World, starting with the Peter Pan ride. When we get off Bella says "AGAIN!" and Emily says "All done scary boat!" I'm sorry Mimi! Poor thing.

Peter Pan's Flight

After Winnie the Pooh and Alice's Tea cups we are in dire need of some ice cream (Mickey-shaped of course). So we take care of that. Boy I could use one of those Mickey ice cream sandwiches right now. For reals. Mmmmm....

Ice Cream Break

We take in a show of Country Bear Jamboree, then head over to ride the Railroad. Now there's a ride Emily liked! "Choo choo! Wheeeee!" We get tacos for lunch at the Pirates of the Caribbean taco place. Mmmmm.... pirate tacos.

We hit up Peter Pan again (with a Fast Pass), get some mouse ears, then head back to the resort. I am more than a little disappointed that computers stitch your name on now! That is one of my favorite Disney memories, watching the stitchers sew on your name.

Mouse Ears

We have a swim (I can't believe we didn't go straight to nap!) and both girls LOVE playing in the pool. Mimi sits on the edge for half an hour before I can finally coax her in, then we can't get her out! After a good long swim, a snack (our Garden Grocer order arrived so we no longer have to vacation without Pringles), and a rest, we zip back over to Magic Kingdom for dinner. Brent finds us a nice table with castle view. Both girls are so excited by the Magic light show, especially Emily keeps shouting "MAMA WOOKIT!" even though I am clearly already wookiting.

Dinner with the castle

Then we try to be responsible parents and go back to the room, but we are foiled by a temptingly short wait at Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin. One spin couldn't hurt?

Space Rangers

Then Bella falls asleep standing up, so we quickly saddle up and head out. Both girls slept right through getting their PJs on and being put to bed. BOOYA!

Day 3

Rainy morning--a good thing it turns out!

A rainy day! Boo hoo! Or should I say, JACKPOT!!

We started out with a private boat ride to Magic Kingdom. See what I mean? Where is everyone? Was there a zombie attack we didn't hear about?

A private boat ride

We immediately meet some Princess friends, who are also not bothered by the rain. Real princesses never are. Bella showed Cinderella her painted toenails. Damn straight, I handpainted microscopic Minnie Mouses on each one. Bow down before the artistry!!


Ariel and Prince Eric

By then it has already stopped raining. We rode Pirates of the Caribbean and Jungle Cruise. Pirates is a hit with Bella but too scary by far for Emily (what were we thinking, really, bad mommy) and Jungle Cruise is just boring. I used to love that ride! We grab lunch at Pinnochio's Village Haus and then jump on It's a Small World (as we suspect, a hit with Emily!). Then we ride Peter Pan once (with Fast passes) and the girls each get a sucker and we head back for a rest at the hotel. We have dinner at Tony's Town Square, which is so busy and nothing special really. In the span of about 2 minutes I get olive oil on my nice purse, stain my shirt with something blue, and lose my lens cap. Shit shit SHIT! While I search hi and lo for my lens cap, retracing all my steps, talking to waitresses, etc., the girls pick out a stuffed animal from the Emporium (something they had been absolutely yearning to do for a couple days now), and get Pluto's autograph to boot. We head back and give Bella a bath and put a soundly sleeping Emily in her crib, finding my lens cap UNDER HER BUTT. Geez. Brent gets us some drinks from the bar and then falls asleep sitting up. PARTY ANIMALS!

Stay tuned for the second half of our adventures, featuring MOSS! (I know you are wondering where all the moss was)


  1. Just get a UV glass filter & forget the lens cap!

  2. CAN'T WAIT TO SEE MORE PHOTOS!love your narration Amy