24 March 2011

Trip Report: Disney World (part 4)

Seriously this is the last trip report. If not, I will be renaming the blog Trippercam.

Day 7

Disney Studios! This was our first morning taking advantage of the Extra Magic Hour. So we race over to Studios and what do we do? Eat breakfast!

Starring Rolls Cafe

But extra magic hour is not really wasted, because we get our fast passes for Toy Story Mania (for 12:50 OHMYGOD what is up with this ride??). I lose Emily (only briefly, she was just behind the counter, nobody panic) while buying cinnamon buns and coffees because I get distracted fawning over a Doonie and Burke Disney bag in front of me in line. The woman says that people at home laugh at her Disney bag until she tells them (Oprah Winfrey voice) "It's DoooOOON-EY!!" and apparently that shuts 'em right up. Mmm-hmm, who's laughing now! Wait, where's my kid, I used to have a kid, she's about yay high, likes to say "NO!"

All filled up with cinnamon buns, we head over to the new Playhouse Disney show! I know all our hip cool friends are thinking they would rather shoot themselves in the head at this point, but we are quite excited. It is all the Mickey Mouse TV characters made into muppets. Including a new Captain Hook (we are big fans!).

Playhouse Disney Show

There's dancing and bubbles and a birthday party. Mimi loved it so much she wouldn't leave. "FINALLY," she screams, "I'M THE TARGET AUDIENCE!" Well not exactly. But that's what she was probably thinking.

Please leave the theater

Then we shuffle across the street to Voyage of the Little Mermaid. I suppose it is a good show, I mean I remember liking it a lot last time we were here. But that was what I like to call P.N.--pre Nemo--which we had just seen the day before. Mermaid seemed a little community theater in comparison.

The Little Mermaid

How will the Beauty and the Beast live show hold up P.N? We stroll over to check it out.

Beauty and the Beast show

Not bad at all! I just love that story. And the music! They do a lot of David Copperfield action with the sheet hiding the outfit changes and transformations, so I had the idea that they should totally incorporate those Quick Change people! Just to freshen the show up a little, you know? But we enjoyed it. We snacked on our packed snacks during the show for a nice dinner theater experience.

It's finally time for our Toy Story Mania fast pass!

Toy Story Mania!

This ride, for some reason, is the Furby of Disney World. It is in short supply, high demand, and in great danger of overhype! Like I said, we ran for it at 8 am and our fast pass was for FIVE HOURS later. Holy crap, this ride must be better than sex!

Here we are in line. The anticipation builds!

Toy Story Mania

And here's little Emily trying hard to work her canon. She and I were in a car and Brent and Bella sat behind us.

Toy Story Mania

Definitely a cool ride! But I certainly wouldn't want to have waited THREE hours like some people do. It ain't no Peter Pan, that's for sure. But I wouldn't have wanted to miss it, mainly because of all the fuss. I do like to see what all the fuss is about.

The girls are fascinated by the giant toys outside the Toy Story ride, primarily a giant green crayon, which we can hardly pry them away from. What a great reminder to go play at the Honey I Shrunk the Kids play area!


A giant stem

And although I think it is a bit weird that there is a play area dedicated to a so-so movie from 25 years ago that no kid has seen, I have to admit the kids loved it. Bella races all over exploring and making friends. Emily plays in the water fall until she is soaked.

Then all of the sudden we are exhausted and hot and hungry and ready to go back to the resort. But the resort has terrible food, so we stick around a bit longer to grab a decent late lunch. We ended up eating at a picnic table right outside the Beauty and Beast show, so we got to hear it while we ate. BE OUR GUEST, indeed!


On the way out, we inadvertently watch the Pixar Pals parade, which is threatening to run us over by coming out of nowhere at a pretty good clip.

Mr. Potato Head


Here's Emily, five feet from the parade and 6 inches from me heckling Mr. Potato Head. That's what they get for scheduling parades during nap time. Sleeping kids and me sounding like I've had a few margaritas.

Snoozing through a parade

Then we call it a WRAP (Disney Studios, get it?) and head for the buses. Here is Brent carrying Bella's backpack, which he confidentially admitted to me he wished was MORE PINK.

Pink Backpack

Back at the resort, we take a rest. I feed the girls happy hour bowls of Lucky Charms with Pringles on top while they lay in bed. I am possibly just a titch too relaxed by the seventh day of vacation.


It being our last night, we, of course, head over to Magic Kingdom. It is soooo crowded, so we just do a slow creep through the park, absorbing our last warm, happy, Disney night. Eventually both girls are asleep.

Tuckered Out

Day 8

We are up early since we only have a couple hours before we need to go and are expecting the place to be pandemonium after last night's crowds. But it is deserted! What luck!

We zip right over to Peter Pan. There is no wait. NO WAITING! We freak out and race right on to it, Bella is shrieking and jumping around and I am trying not to cry, I am so overcome. No waiting on Peter Pan. It's the most perfect way to end our trip.

No wait for Peter Pan!!

We ride twice in a row, then get fast passes for good measure. Then, because poor little Emily doesn't ride Peter Pan, we go on It's a Small World for her sake.

It's a Small World

We walk over to Adventureland and ride Aladdin's magic carpets and Pirates, both no waiting. Wahoo!

Aladdin's Magic Carpets

Then Brent gets a little overexcited and whisks Bella away to take her on Splash Mountain! Are you kidding me? But she likes it! We are so proud. In the meantime, Emily and I hold spots in line to see Woody and Jessie from Toy Story.

Woody and Jessie

Emily, who has been waiting almost half an hour with me in line, gets to the front and screams, "TOO BIG!" and has to be carried off by daddy. Poor thing. They are pretty big. Emily is about the size of one of Woody's boots. Thar's a kid in my boot!

I have been talking about getting a Mickey waffle all week. Although at the moment, I want to go see the Monsters, Inc. comedy show, Brent wisely points out my wafflogical clock is going tick tock. Waffles it is!


Farewell Mickey Waffles... Boohooooo!

We don't have time for the Monsters, Inc. show, but we opt for a quick ride on the People Mover.

People Mover

It stops a couple times, once in Space Mountain for several minutes, completely freaking the girls out and also about doubling the length of the ride. For this reason, I would not ride this again! But it was a nice way to end the trip, whirring around Tomorrowland, thinking what the future would bring for us.

Then it is a mad dash back to the resort, cramming stuff in suitcases, multiple trips to the lobby, and the unfortunate discovery that checking in with Delta online makes you ineligible to check your bags at the resort. And we have to wake up Emily, sleeping since we got off the People Mover, to return the strollers. We just make our 12:00 Magical Express reservation. Bella falls asleep on Brent right away. Emily is rested and restless. Damn! I picked the wrong kid.

Asleep on the bus

We are quite early for our flight, and so enjoy shopping at the Disney Store, eating McDonald's and Krispy Kremes, and showing up at the gate at the last possible minute only to hear "last call for Baker Family!" Whoops! They were giving us seats all together, so that was nice of them. We didn't expect that! Emily slept on me for 2 hours on the airplane, but it still seemed like it went on for eternity.

But eventually we were back in Minneapolis, back to our van and our parkas and, after a milk run, our very nice cozy house with a kitchen and the bed with memory foam on it--I missed you, bed! you may console me while I dream of warm air and palms and no waiting on Peter Pan.

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