17 March 2011

Trip Report: Disney World (part 3)

Day 5

Yeah baby, this is why you get the nice BALCONY room! Breakfast outside. KA-CHOW!!

Breakfast on the balcony

And a bath! KACHOW!

In the bath

Well that's not really kachow. More like ka-cute! Or ka-clean! Should I stop now?

Today, we Dumbo.


Riding Dumbo!

I had been laughing at the seriousness with which people approach Dumbo. There is the "Dumbo or Die" touring plan in my Unofficial Guide. Dumbo or DIE! You will take your kid on Dumbo with less than a 60 minute wait or your kids will KILL YOU.

So phew. Glad we got that accomplished.

We head into 'Castle Couture,' a shop right next to the castle, and oh my goodness. That shop has my number DIALED IN. Bella picks her princess dress in about 2 seconds. Ariel's. Of course.

A little princess

We are cracking up at Emily who is clutching as many of these little princess toy packs as she possibly can and is still reaching for more. We convince her to let us buy her just one. She sleeps clutching little plastic princesses for the rest of the trip.

At Cinderella's Fountain

I posted this photo to twitter and my mom immediately replied "Mimi looks sad she needs a princess dress too." (We got her one before the trip was through!)

We run into Peter Pan! We are huge Peter Pan fans so this was exciting. Bella informs him yesterday was Emily's birthday, and he tells Emily not to grow up too fast. Awww, how PERFECT is that!

Peter Pan!

Then Emily gets her first haircut! I made this appointment a month ago. So I'm pretty excited. She is not as excited. But you know, she is sitting still and not screaming, so I am thinking it went GREAT!

First Haircut

I had an appointment for Bella too, but she tells me she is feeling SHY and won't do it. It turns into a big drama, no thanks to either one of us. Definitely time to take a break!

We spend the rest of the day at the resort. Bella and I hug and make up. How stupid of me to care if she gets a haircut! Emily takes a nap and Bella and I explore the whole place. What a great resort!! After Emily wakes up, we all head to the pool, where we run into Bella's sweet little monorail friend from the day before. What luck! The girl's mom is fun and friendly and while we are chatting she admires how the little girls can be surrounded by the Polynesian and Disney World and what really makes them happiest is finding a friendship. Wise words. That mom probably wouldn't have pouted the whole monorail home because her daughter was too cranky for a haircut. Point taken.

On the beach

We wrap up the day with marshmallows on the beach and a beautiful view of the Magic Kingdom fireworks.

Toasting marshmallows on the beach

Day 6

Good morning sunshine!

Good morning sunshine!

Ready for a big day at Animal Kingdom? Sure!

We start with a Kilimanjaro Safari. WOW! We had been on this once before and seen like one animal. So I wasn't expecting much. But WOW! Just look at this animal extravaganza!

Safari Rhino

Safari Giraffe

Safari Elephant

This ostrich blocked the road for a while. Suh-weet! Bonus safari time!

Safari Ostrich

Emily is not a safari fan. We go on a thrilling poacher chase towards the end, and she just falls apart. The whole vehicle is turning around and feeling sorry for her. Poor little thing. So next we take a stroll over to Camp Minnie Mickey. We pause to say hello to Daisy Duck!

Safari Ducks!

Here is Bella waiting outside the Festival of the Lion King show. Pretty cute in her new backpack, which she confidentially admitted to me she wished was MORE PINK.


Festival of the Lion King

We loved the show! Although there was a lot of gymnastics and not enough Pumba and Timon. But pretty cool all the same!

We walk around Camp Minnie Mickey, how cute is that place. Flash backs to Camp Lakamaga!! We wait in line to see Chip. (Dale is in the back eating peanut brittle, we hear.)


We have hotdogs and Emily falls asleep, so we stroll over to Dinoland and find a popsicle. Bella had been promised ice cream today, but she picks the strawberry pop instead. That is so Bella--everything's better with no calories! (I will end up craving a bite of ice cream so bad that I have to go down to the hotel restaurant and get some before bed.)

Popsicle Break

Some angry dad wakes Emily up by stopping 12 inches from her stroller to yell at his kids. Grrrrr Angry Dad you SUCK! If there would have been a white rhino near by I would have fed him to it. So we decide to go to the Finding Nemo show.

Nemo Show

I have actually never seen Finding Nemo the movie. I know! Crazy. So I was absolutely sobbing in the sink by the end. I collected myself enough to exit the theater. But only just.

After the show we walk over to Asia to check out the roller coaster, which is supposed to be pretty cool. Bella falls asleep in her stroller but Emily is going full tilt. She sees these bananas and screams Ooooh! NANAS!

Bike in Asia

The Expedition Everest coaster is in the background. I was still screaming for like two minutes after I got off.

Mount Everest

We wake Bella up for the Jammin' Jungle parade. Not as great as I remembered from years ago.

Jungle Parade

We decide to hike through the wildlife trails before heading back. They are a little on the boring side and the girls are pretty toasty (as in they are done). So we rush a little, but still absorb some of the atmosphere-which I love.

Brent and the Girls

Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom

Bella and Brent hit up It's a Bugs Life on the way out, Emily and I sit on a bench and eat pretzels, one of her favorite things to do. MORE PETZELS PEASE!

Happy Sisters

We bus back to the resort and get dinner to go and have a picnic back in the room. I have a tiny salad in order to save room for ice cream and wine. Being a grown-up rocks. I go out to watch the electric pageant on the lagoon, which I overheard someone say was "the best thing at Disney World." Um, not so much. I just laughed through the whole thing. Best thing at Disney? HAHAHAHA! We tuck the girls in and spend the rest of the night drinking wine and studying my plans for our big day at Disney Studios tomorrow.

Coming soon... the final installment! Featuring Mimi in 3-D glasses!

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