11 March 2011

Trip Report: Disney World (part 2)

Day 4

Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday Dear Little Emily!!

How great is a birthday at Disney World? Pretty GREAT!
I had packed her present--the Brown Bear quilt--some balloons, birthday candles, and a card that played Dora singing Happy Birthday. She was quite excited. She immediately asked for cake. We substituted a blueberry muffin. Then she asked for the "Happy Birthday Princess" song, which we found we had neglected to put on any of our three iPod-like devices. Luckily iTunes and 99 cents saves the day. We are dancing around in no time.

We pack up for a long day out, we are planning on spending the day at Epcot. On the walk to the Transportation Center we take this awesome (if I do say so myself) picture of the resort.

Polynesian Resort

I made it with my new PhotoStitch app on my iPhone. I don't know why I didn't take these all over the place! SO COOL!

Ready for a big day at Epcot

Anyway. Where was I. On the monorail to Epcot! WHEEE! Emily is sporting her "Happy Birthday" button we got from the front desk and the girls are in matching dresses. I bobble Emily's stroller in an instinctual effort to save my coffee as we board the monorail. The whole train looks at me with disapproval. As usual, Bella makes a "best friend" on the monorail trip. We started joking that she would probably be happy to just collect best friend autographs in her autograph book.

We hit up the Character Spot first thing--Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Donald, and Goofy all in the same line. SUH-WEET!! Emily is not amused. At one point Pluto is freaking her out so bad that he goes and hides behind a prop tree. Which makes me love Pluto so much. What a good dog! Bella is completely thrilled!

Minnie Mouse

We ride The Land boat thing and the Nemo Sea ride and then we see a definite favorite, Turtle Talk! We stop and have a picnic. An animatronic squirrel runs away with one of our crackers.


Bella and Brent ride Soarin' while Emily and I finish up lunch with the squirrel. We sing happy birthday together over and over. Because she likes it!

 Birthday Girl

Then we are off to Pixie Hollow to meet some fairies!


Emily is being cranky so she isn't in the picture. It's not her fault, she is just tired. Bella and I walk through Pixie Hollow, where I quickly realize it is a FAIRY GARDEN with FAIRY HOUSES! AND MOSS!!

Fairy Garden Fairyhouse

I took a picture of every fairy house. And every fairy topiary. We are recreating the whole thing in the backyard.

Tinkerbell Topiary

The girls fall asleep while we walk around the World Showcase. Then it is time for the big PRINCESS LINNER! (I couldn't get a reservation for lunch or dinner so we had this weird 3:20 reservation). We brought a sleeping beauty and a birthday princess.


We had an absolutely delicious linner. And we loved meeting the princesses!


Next comes my most magical Disney memory from the trip. Snow White comes to the table and says, "Happy Birthday Emily!" and Bella says, "You know her name because you read her button!" and Snow White says to her, "Well, maybe, but then how do I know your name, Bella?"

Snow White

Bella's face just lit up! She has decided the Princesses talk about her amongst themselves! It was the sweetest moment. Bella still mentions it every day.

Then it is time for birthday cake! Or in Emily's case, birthday frosting. Because she can't be bothered to eat the frosting holder.

Happy Birthday to You!

It was a totally wonderful, magical linner.

Then we walk all over World Showcase, high on lingonberries and princesses. Ok, well to be honest, we walked all over looking at MOSS! Because the topiaries were all over the place! Here was our favorite.

Our favorite topiary

We also loved Rapunzel's tower. We were fairly hypnotized by the little window that opened and closed.

Rapunzels Tower

And the model train in Germany. One of our favorite things! It is even decorated with flower festival banners! I almost knocked Bella out of the way to get pictures!

German Train Town

And that about wraps up a wonderful Day 4 at Epcot. More soon... featuring Emily's first haircut!

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  1. I love the pix with snow white! What a fabulous adventure for the girls! Just magical! And I love the fairies...too fun!