03 February 2011

The School Anxiety

 Kindergarten Roundup

Kindergarten Roundup.

A ROUNDUP! YEE HAW little doggies git in yur kindergarten! Thar's a snake in my boot!

I brought my camera to photograph this epic event! (I later sobbed to Brent, "I brought my camera! I brought my CAMERA!" as if that somehow illustrated how naive I was.)

There is no yee haw little doggies.

In fact, it turned out I was a huge boob for actually bringing a kindergartener to kindergarten roundup. She was not welcome there. And that fact alone has thrown me into a tailspin of doubt about our choice of school.

I'm sure you're wondering why I brought my kids to an adult event.

Invitation: "Come meet the teachers, see the kindergarten classrooms, and hand in your registration materials."

Would you assume this meant:
  a. Bring your kindergartner to meet the teachers and see a classroom
  b. Get a sitter, there will be wine and dancing and it will be very Eyes Wide Shut

So it wasn't clear on the invitation and the staff was unable/unwilling to adapt the agenda to having a bunch of kids present (many more boobs than just me brought their kids!).

I believe the pivotal moment was when the principal, while taking us on a tour, asked Bella not to touch the toys. Hold on, did you just reprimand my kid right in front of me? For touching a toy? After she waited through a 30 minute powerpoint presentation? You did?


Wait a minute. Just excuse me a sec. I just need to compose myself. Because I'm seeing red and I'm a little afraid I'm going to turn all green and Hulky and possibly throw my watch at you and embarrass myself.

Ok, I'm all better now. I'll just cry on the way home and miss the turn and not notice it until Bella says "It sure takes a long time to get home!" and we're up north of Cub foods apparently on our way to the cabin. IT'S ALL GOOD.

After posting a tweet about this, I got a lot of encouragement from neighbors willing to vouch for the excellence of the school. And that means a lot. I'm sure it will be fine. I brought my camera for goodness sake. I thought this was a done deal.

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  1. The school totally screwed up by not making it clear that children were not part of the festivities. Principal totally screwed up by not being aware that one must be careful with kids when their parents are around. But normally parents aren't around and principal is used to telling children what to do.

    If that is the worst that happens Bella will have a wonderful school experience.