23 February 2011

Just to Wrap Up the School Thing

Because my school anxiety post sparked a lot of discussion in my life, I thought I should follow up with the solution. We decided to go with my gut (note: seldom reliable) on this one and go to a private kindergarten. Kindergarten in our school district is not free (everyone is always so shocked by this!) and in fact costs almost $3K. So a private kindergarten is about the same financially and just overall had a great feel that was much less drama. And less drama equals happy mama! Emily can go to preschool in the same building and I think it will work really slick for us.

We are so excited to be heading off on our first long-distance family vacation in just a few days. We are going to Disney World!! Brent and I love it there (we went twice before we had kids) and are so excited. I have to
be totally honest and admit I feel a little intimidated with the packing and planning and actual vacation execution. I am not the best packer--a skill all real moms seem to possess. I pack to go camping or to my parents' house, but I usually end up filling the van to the ceiling like a Jenga puzzle and lashing baby saucers to the roof and still making an emergency run to Shopko for diaper cream and once even running to Target to buy a sly replacement for irreplaceable Blankie! Oh the shame! But I downloaded a packing list used by (presumably) real moms and it includes responsible things like Tylenol and rain jackets and I am going to follow it to the letter. What could go wrong??

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