12 January 2011

My Family Cookbook

If you've talked to me at all in the last few months, I guarantee you have heard about the Family Cookbook I was making. And for that I apologize. You know how some projects drive you insane? It was all I could talk about. At work: "How was your weekend I'm making a cookbook!" At the grocery store: "Where is the blue cheese spread I'm making a cookbook!" At the coffee shop: "Hi! Cookbook!" At knitting: "Cookbook, cookbook, cookbook, yarn, my kids drive me crazy, cookbook!"

I spent forever on this project (as my dad can attest, having loaned me all the family recipes over a year ago).

I wanted it to be special, professional, useful, fairly comprehensive (at least from my dad's perspective) and lasting. It was my dad's Christmas gift and I was so proud of how it turned out. I upgraded to premium paper and a dust jacket. It looked really sharp. I highly recommend Blurb.com if you ever have self-publishing fantasies. I also ordered two for my girls (which they will not be allowed to touch for another 15 years due to  high degrees of stickiness and irresistible impulses to break dance on everything).


  1. This is a beautiful book that I really love. (I commented yesterday but it never showed up for some reason) It was an incredible amount of work and I am awed by it. Pictures of the food!

    It has a place of honor.

  2. This book is simply AMAZING. You did an unbelievable job. The photos are fantastic, the choice of quotes was spot on and the wonderful recipes that will be passed on to your girls in such a wonderful way is inspiring. I wish I had a year to create a book half as nice as this one!

  3. That is SO awesome. I'm not surprised your dad loved it. What an heirloom!

    (Oh, and I love Blurb, too -- I used them to make a photo book of Rome for my parents last Christmas, and I thought the quality was great. And yeah, it took me freaking FOREVER, too...and I didn't even have text to edit/format/etc. Or food to make!)