24 January 2011


I would like to know when this...


turned into this.

Birthday Girl

Please let me know asap. Because I just took that first picture last month, I SWEAR.

We gave her a big batch of princess dolls and four hours later after we finally released every one of them and their hair and their crown and their necklace and their itty bitty shoes and their matching cardboard card from the 4,012 pieces of packaging, she scurried upstairs with them and played by herself for hours. After a while, I went in to play with her. She told me she would like to be alone with her princesses.

Minnie Pancakes

I made her Minnie Mouse pancakes with chocolate chip eyes and a bacon bow. Because I like to show my love with breakfast.

We had a nice family party on her birthday, mainly as an excuse to get a bunch of us together and motivate me to clean up the house. Then the next weekend she had 15 little friends over for a Minnie Mouse party, mainly as an excuse for cake, chaos, and a pinata.

I had a lot of fun making the Rainbow Cake we had seen on Martha. Bella began requesting it about two months ago.

Rainbow Cake

I have to say, cake-wise, we all vastly preferred Brent's birthday banana cake with cream cheese frosting.  [recipe], but this was definitely a show-stopper. When I put it on the table at her preschooler party, I said, "Oh shoot! I feel terrible! Bella asked for a rainbow cake and I totally forgot!! Look, it's just vanilla!" (I had carefully frosted it with plain white swiss buttercream) so I got the kids to say magic words over it to magically make it rainbow before I cut into it, and while we're doing it I look over at Bella, wondering if she'll say anything, since she hung out with me the whole time I was making it and knows for a fact it is rainbow, and she is looking enchanted, hanging on every magical word and I think, Aha! Five is not that old. Thank goodness.

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