12 December 2010

Snow day!


Brent and I usually argue over who gets to blow the driveway. (Mainly so I can make a lot of 'good blow' jokes. But also because snowblowers are fun). Not this time! Be my guest, sweetie! I will stay inside where it is 70 degrees warmer and wave to you. HI! YOU LOOK COLD! I'LL MAKE YOU GUILT HOT CHOCOLATE! (with extra marshmallows)

Christmas Tree

The girls and I were happy to stay in our pajamas and trim the tree, play carols on the piano, make ornaments, and watch "How the Grinch Stole Christmas." It was just the kind of snow day you would plan, if you could plan these things.


And Mimi in a santa hat--it makes you overlook all her mischief-making, ornament moving/removing, and demands for non-stop "Jingle Bell Rock."

Santa Emily


Mimi trims the tree

Later that night, I did some online christmas shopping and fired up the old Warcraft account.

Bella said that she thought the snow was from Santa, to make it look Christmas-y. So sweet!

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