27 December 2010

Christmas ain't Christmas till somebody cries.

A priceless quote from Donkey in 'Shrek the Halls.' I must have said it 25 times this holiday season. Which I suppose got old for those hanging out with me. But hey, I was never the one crying.

(And because my mom will call me wanting to know WHAT IS WRONG WITH MIMI in that picture, I will explain that she is upset that she is supposed to stand somewhere for two seconds and let me take her picture. But I told her if she sat prettily she could have a sucker afterward, which I was a little surprised she understood perfectly.)

Sucker Bribe

And here our pictures turned out great. Maybe you got one in the mail. MAYBE you were that lucky. If you didn't, it may be that I have an old address for you, forgot to put a stamp on (2008 debacle), or possibly we are only blog friends--to you I say, Happy Holidays!

Christmas Picture

All those pictures were taken in nine minutes. I checked the time stamps. So in case you ever stop by the house at 7:15 pm and I'm drinking wine in my pajamas, now you know why. Kids don't hold still for two seconds. 

Here we are not holding still at Christmas.

On the trampoline!

We got them a trampoline. So they can bounce and get tired and go to bed on time without fussing. Oops, I mean, so they can have fun. We even managed to shoehorn it into the playroom, a feat which took us about half a day to figure out.

Pretty adorable in their matching "Nana Nighties," huh? They like to match. It is very sweet. Last night Emily had on footie pajamas until she saw Bella in her Nana nightie, and then cried and went and got hers and wanted to switch. (Which we did). 

Oh and speaking of matching, I think this is the only picture I got of Emily and her matching dolly.

Emily and her "baby"

Why only one picture? Where's the mosaic? Excellent questions. Please ask Emily. She apparently has some opinions on this topic. (I can pretty much sum them up for you: "NO!")

Bella was a little disappointed Santa only ate four of the ten cookies she left him. She is like a little grandma, "Only four cookies? Didn't he like them?" But she was otherwise very pleased with Christmas morning. Her favorite gift was the purple unicorn pillow pet from Emily. 

And the girls were excited to give Daddy the present they picked out themselves: root beer and a new cup to drink it out of. I don't know how they think this stuff up. Now whenever Brent cracks open a bottle of anything, he has to ceremoniously pour it into his new red, plastic cup and make lots of comments about what a wonderful cup he has and how handy and beautiful and red it is!

I hope you had a handy, beautiful, red Christmas! 

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