21 October 2010

Bon Voyage


Here's what you have to take if you're going to Paris France
Mary Jane button hook
Consomme container
Hotel kit

Here's what else you have to take

I always pack by parachute
I always wear my foreign identification tag
whenever I go to Paris
which is a picture of me on one side
and a mirror on the other
for me to see who I am if I need to

I am usually me ELOISE

--Eloise in Paris

*note Brent sleeping while I am packing, because I am doing it at the last minute, which is so typical of me AMY

1 comment:

  1. LMAO! I didn't even see Brent until you mentioned it! I can tell you this would be just the snapshot of Brian if I was packing for, say, Idaho...

    Hope you're having an amazing time!! :)