03 September 2010

State Fair: Grandparents Day (Day 9)

You know how I start most of these posts out with "it was a day made for Fair.." or "I pity the fool not at the Fair today..."?

NOT TODAY! It was freeeeeezing. Today was my first ever day wearing LONG UNDERWEAR at the Fair. I think I said, "I am chilled to THE BONE!" like a dozen times. Br. Brrr. More hot chocolate please!

I STILL pity the fool, though, because this is the Fair and we are tough stuff and it is always great no matter what. It takes more than 60 degree weather to keep us from having fun. We're Minnesotans for goodness sake. I am almost embarrassed to be complaining about 60 degrees.

Today Nana and Grandpa came with us! Luckily they are Minnesotans too and just happened to have polar fleece jackets in their car.

Hamline Dining Hall

We start out going to the Hamline Dining Hall for breakfast, where it is nice and warm and I have the MOST DELICIOUS French Toast. I'm usually kind of a pancake girl but I know good French toast when I see it. Yum.

Then we JUMP.


Very exciting.

Next it's time to give Fairborne and Fairchild their shirts! Yes, we made them silk screened shirts! Didn't you? We meet them at the main information booth. They are pretty excited. See?

Bella and Fairborne

Me and Fairchild

Fairchild even "tries it on." He is pumped.

Fairchild likes his shirt!

Next we pilgrimage to see the blue ribbon jumper! Emily spots it!

Mimi checks out her blue ribbon dress!

We immediately lose my parents, who separately call me on their cell phones. Mom has wandered into a different building and is totally confused and my dad is "near some quilts."

We manage to reunite and head over to get Bella her long-awaited FAIR-DO!

The glittering


Bella's Fair-do

We stop to get Mimi her first mini donut.


Will you look at that baby?? Priceless.

We run into our friends Ellie and Jake and go on a Kidway frenzy.

Tiny Ferris Wheel

Then we have some lunch and camp out to watch the parade.

Mom and Dad

As you can see, my Mom has finally gotten her chicken hat. She lost hers last year and was sad all winter. Because apparently she wants to wear her chicken hat around town? She did wear it all day at the Fair. Maybe it was keeping her warm.

After the parade, we hustle into the Horticulture building to try to warm up. Dad gets me a glass of wine which helps considerably. (Because I am complaining that I am chilled TO THE BONE!). We visit the scarecrows again (very popular with the girls!) and the crop art, buy some blueberry honey taffy (great), and see the bees. 

Emily falls asleep so we take a nice walk around, stopping to get malts at the butterheads and also some corn fritters. Then we are by the giant slide. Let's ride! Brent goes with Bella and I ride alone. I haven't slid solo in years. YEEEEE HAW!! I slide so far at the bottom I almost crash into a worker who is tying his shoe. He doesn't even flinch.

Giant Slide Girl

Mimi wakes up so we stick her in the Giant Slide photo opp. She is not amused.

Giant Slide Girl

We take her on the Merry-go-Round. Also, not amused.

Merry Go Round

What's the matter, Mimi? 10 hours of Fair and a 45 minute nap is not agreeing with you? What if Nana buys you a treat?

Mimi finally gets DO-DA!!

DO-DA!! All better.

We stop in the Grandstand, which is PANDEMONIUM because, surprise, it is warm in there. And I am chilled to THE BONE. I buy my Nellie's laundry soap for the year, get a back massage, get Bella some marbles, and lose my parents several times. 

We decide to cap off our day with some Schell's Oktoberfest at Heritage Square. Ahhhh! And we meet up with Alison and Jed there too. We shamelessly devour their Cinni-minis and then dispatch the boys to get Turkey-to-go sandwiches. Bella and Alison work on the Fair alphabet. We are completely stumped by about half the alphabet, because we have been at the Fair for 11 hours and are basically brain dead.

A cute couple

Mimi eats half of my turkey sandwich (gobble gobble) while dancing around to the country music. She has definitely gotten a second wind. Uh Oh.

We finally make it home all in one piece! What a great day at the Fair!!!

Home from the Fair!

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