01 September 2010

State Fair: Day 6

Today was a bit of a State Fair bender. I had missed Sunday and Monday and was getting a little frantic. I mean, we had good reason--it was melt your face off hot and all that, but still! That is fair time you never get back! So today I headed down in the morning (after checking in with the boss man, who, fortunately, finds my obsession amusing).

I had a Farmer's Union frappe and a cinnamon currant scone for breakfast. Then proceeded to stimulate the Fairconomy by shopping. You're welcome Fair vendors! My first stop was in Heritage Square for some fabric from Rosebud's Cottage. I always buy enough for a conciliatory project to work on after the Fair. It helps with post-Fair let down. Then I got some cinnamon and vanilla at the J.R. Watkins stand. There's a blue-ribbon coupon for the cinnamon and then she talked me into the vanilla. SUCKA!

New Print

Next I have a freak-out when I see this new State Fair print from Adam Turman. We know each other a little. Here's our conversation.

Adam: Hey! How are you?
Adam: Enjoying the Fair? How are things going?

Actually I don't even really remember the conversation because I was in total Fair shopping euphoria, having found the absolute perfect souvenir. And while I'm displaying my insanity, the moment gets kind of surreal when Roseann from Rosebud's Cottage booth comes up and knows us both and we're all three talking about prints and lefse and what happens to Heritage Square in a tornado* and see what I mean? SURREAL.

(By the way, that print was home and framed and hanging in the hallway in less than 3 hours. Now all I need are the mini-donut ornaments for the tree and my Fair decorating is complete. Oh and a huge inflatable Fairchild for the lawn. That's totally do-able, right?)

I shop around a little more, resisting the $500 Vitamix even though he made that tortilla soup that is SO AWESOME I could live on it for the rest of my life. I also watched the pots and pans demo and you so wouldn't even believe me if I told you that you can cook a roast beef, steamed broccoli, and A CAKE on one burner by stacking up those pots and pans. Dinner tower. OH YES YOU CAN.

Well it's time to pick up the girls. I have every intention of bringing them back to the Fair for the parade and some afternoon fun, but they are totally exhausted from their big morning at preschool and Bella is totally not on board for some reason, so we abort Operation Fair.

I got over that disappointment and we had a very fun afternoon and Mimi took a gargantuan nap so it worked out for the best. And I got to go back in the evening for Me Time at the Fair. One of my favorite things.

I saw the animals.


Horse Show

Oink Booth

Watched the sunset.

State Fair Mounted Police

Sky Ride Sunset


Had the best dinner--a crepe filled with brie and cranberries and a glass of wine. I'm back on crepes!


I sit at La Creperie and people watch with my awesome dinner and my sketchbook.

Horticulture Buildling

Afterwards, I head up to the Leinie's stage to hear Rosanne Cash. She is great and there is a neat vibe going on--it's still so hot and there are twinkle lights in the trees and you can smell the flowers. It seriously reminded me of Hawaii. I sit on a bench and do a little sketch of the Fairchild statue. Turns out pretty good. Did you ever notice that the sound table is up there? Huh. I never did.

Rosanne Cash

Then I get restless, so I decide to saunter over to O'Gara's and see what music they have.

O'Gara's at the Fair

The two guys are playing Folsum Prison Blues, I kid you not. How funny is that!

O'Gara's at the Fair

I shuffle around a little more, sniffing around a little for something to eat, but what I really want is one of those good peaches from Cub, and there's one in the fridge at home, so I call it a night.

Tomorrow Brent and I are going to see Martin Zellar! Date night!

*Oh and Heritage Square is supposed to empty into the Grandstand in the event of a tornado, Roseann tells us, and I actually hear myself saying, "I'll be the one looting your booth, running from Heritage Square to the Grandstand covered in quilt fabric!" and then I'm all like, "haHA! only JOKING! I'm sure they lock the gate! Not that I would do that even if they didn't!" with overcompensatory laughter and everything.

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  1. omgosh ... do you like move into the fair? Can't believe you were back in Heritage Square buying more fabric tonight. You make me laugh reading through Tuesday's events cuz that's exactly how it all happened with the chit chat back and forth. We need to find you a lefse poster ...