06 September 2010

State Fair: Day 11

It's over! Today was my final day at the 2010 Minnesota State Fair! What a GREAT Fair. Epic. One to remember. The kids are at such sweet Fair ages. It was just perfect. I can live on these memories for another long winter.

Fine Arts

Today I left the kids home with daddy. I knew I would be staying late--you know, saying the Minnesota Good-Bye*.

I revisited Fine Arts, your favorite and mine, where I had somehow missed some good stuff. Like this moose!

Moose in Fine Arts

Olmsted County Panorama in Fine Arts

I also really enjoyed this panorama of Olmsted County (where I grew up). At first I was like, "Farm fields. CLICHE!" (Like the person I heard in front of the dead bird drawing: "There's always got to be the dead bird." So true. Maybe I should put it on the scavenger hunt next year?) But then I realized I would recognize SE Minnesota in that picture even if I saw it in the Louvre. Which is kind of amazing.

Micro-Doodler in Fine Arts

There was a real live artist working on "micro-doodles." He was mobbed and all I heard him keep saying was, "I USE A REALLY SMALL PEN!" and "I'M A LITTLE OVERSTIMULATED!"

Then I wandered around and absorbed all that is the Fair. Gotta fill up the Fair tank for a whole year.

Green Roof

I think this would look so cool on our porch.

Oceanspray Cranberry Pond

The OceanSpray tent had their own cranberry pond!

German Shephard Show

The German Shepherd therapy dog show.

3rd Lair Show

The bike/skateboard show was Great. Capital G.

Medieval Madness

Medieval Madness--Pinball on a stick

For supper I sat down in a canoe paddle chair at the Leinie's stage, listened to some guys playing pianos, drank a beer, ate some corndog pizza (!), and thoroughly enjoyed my last sunset over the Fair.

Afterwards, I met up with Alison and Jed. They introduce me to the pickle dog. For which I will be forever grateful. I am so adding that to my at-home Fair food repertoire. Jed is quite excited for us to vibrate ourselves at the Dick's sporting goods booth. Bzzzzzz. We all feel kind of sick after. Let's have hot cocoa and ride the Giant Slide! Then we sneak to the back of the Sweet Martha's booth for a behind-the-scenes peek at the cookie making operation. That inspires us to hash out our plans for a new Fair food (one of our favorite topics of discussion). Except our plans get more and more confusing and complicated and by the end involve liquid Nitrogen and a custom Scamp trailer. Gaah. We watch the fireworks from the Grandstand. Then I somehow end up on the new roller coaster, screaming my lungs out and quite possibly scaring the little boy who was next to me. The perfect adrenaline rush to end on.

I can't believe it's over. It went by so fast this year. But it was definitely a GREAT FAIR.

*The Minnesota Good-Bye, if you're not from around here, is where you get up to leave and say "I should really let you go then," and then two hours later you're still standing in the doorway or driveway or trying to hang up the phone and have gone nowhere. For the Fair version, it is pretty much the same, except instead of saying "I should really let you go then" to the Fair, I instead moan "FAIR! FAIR!!! Oh FAIR!!!" for a couple hours before it closes.

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