05 September 2010

State Fair: Day 10

Today was magic. Pure FAIR MAGIC. I hope I remember today forever.

Top of the Fire Tower

Just Bella and I went. We didn't mean to, but we stayed for 7 hours.

Climbing the Fire Tower

We climbed the Fire Tower with Alison and Jed.

Space Tower

Then the Space Tower!

From the Space Tower

Bella wanted to show Alison the Disney stuff in Creative Activities. And I was excited to watch the peeler guy.

Bella loves this Disney case

We checked out some more of the amazing Creative Activities. Here are some favorites.


 Knitting Gnomes!

Harry Potter Quilt

Then Bella wants to play some skeeball!


She has a lot of fun but is unfortunately the worst skeeball player ever (balls were flying out onto the sidewalk) and manages to get NO TICKETS, which I didn't even think was possible. Luckily I have 90 tickets stashed in my purse and sneakily produce them... GOOD JOB BELLA YOU ARE AWESOME AT SKEEBALL! She picks out a bunch of prizes, the highlight of which is a tiny Care Bear (so exciting!).

Pretzel for supper

We share a big pretzel for supper. De-licious! Then we Spin-A-Paint.


After that we go up the Grandstand ramp just so we can race the stroller down it ("we're out of control!!!!"). It's starting to get dark and I realize Bella's never been to the Fair at night. She is fascinated by everything that has lights on it. We get some roasted corn and she inhales the whole ear. We decide to cap off our day with a Sky Ride. Right as we're launching out of Heritage Square, KISS starts their concert. OMG! AMAZING! We have a great view.

KISS concert from Sky Ride!

Then it is suddenly 10 pm and I am starting to get frightened--I've never had Bella at the Fair this late! What if she turns into a gremlin! We head for the exit. She is mesmerized by the Midway and is very interested in how old she needs to be to ride those rides, especially the zipper and the huge swings. I tell her she has to be completely grown-up. On the walk back, we hear a siren and I tell her I think it is coming from the KISS concert. She says, "Maybe KISS was dancing and broke his leg!" Maybe!

When we get home she jumps into the house and shouts at a stunned Brent, "I SAW KISS!"

(Brent says, "You took her to the KISS concert?!")

Then she yells, "I NEED TO FLOSS MY TEETH!"

(from the corn)

Oh, the Fair with a four year old. Just magic.


  1. Sure...and we get some dorky country guy. Ha-ha! Bella is 4 and she gets to see KISS...just wait til she tells everyone at preschool!!!!

  2. I LUV 'going to the fair' with you and I'm gonna go next year with you and I'm going to visit it during the middle of Winter when I need a little reminder of how much fun Summer and the FAIR is!! Reading about all of your visits just makes me laugh ... so glad I got to see you and somehow stumbled on your blog besides. Just makes the last twelve days that much better. Thanks for that ...