02 September 2010

State Fair: Date Night! (Day 7)

I've said it before and I'll say it again, the Fair is the best date venue EVER. It's enough dinners and shows for a month's worth of date nights! Brent and I got a sitter and headed out tonight and the Fair did not disappoint.

We are totally obsessed with Schell's Oktoberfest, so we made our first stop the beer tent in Heritage Square, ordered humongous beers, and then settled in to hear the end of Martin Zellar and the Hardways' first set.

Super Great.

Martin Zellar and the Hardways

I think he likes Schell's Oktoberfest too, because by the second set he had forgotten a few words. But he was so charming about it, the crowd went crazy. THAT'S OK! WE DON'T KNOW THE WORDS EITHER!

We saw the Gear Daddies reunion when they played in the Grandstand a few years back (my only Grandstand show ever!). It was just plain cool to see Martin Zellar FO FREE.

During the set break we scrounged up a wiener on a stick and some fresh made potato chips. We shared. It was romantic.

After the show Brent has the super romantic idea to go on the Sky Glider!

Sky Glider

Except it turned out he just wanted to see if he could see the Weird Al show from up there. And I was fairly distracted at first worrying about losing my new-for-the-Fair Birkenstock sandals. But after a while we calmed down and held hands so it was very romantic.

Then we needed a quesadilla. And since it was date night, we spared no expense and got the STEAK one. I know what you're thinking. Quesadilla? At the Fair? Trust me on this one. Awesome. We scarfed it down while we watched the Sky Glider.

Then we hung out at Giggle's Campfire Grill and split some walleye cakes. Hmmm... the whole night seems to be centering around food. Maybe because I finally have someone to split stuff with! We enjoyed watching people buying huge tubes of Kettle Korn and trying to guess how much money the Kettle Korn guys make during the Fair. Like $5,000? $50,000? I'm totally obsessed with food vendor profits.

Then we take a nice evening stroll.


We run into the Fair robot. This guy is so cool (if he's in front of you) and so super scary (if he's behind you).

Robot at Fair

I so want this shirt.

I want this shirt!

Guess I'll have to get a job as mascot security. That wouldn't be so bad. Except maybe not security for the robot. Because he is scary (if he's behind you).

Then we watched some local news LIVE. Oh yeah! And on the way out the fireworks went off. Perfect.  Icing on the cake. or should I say, the blue ribbon on the knitting!

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