18 September 2010


Guess where we went today?

Wench, little wench, and mini wench

I couldn't wait to get us all dressed in our wench outfits. Aren't we cute? I was hoping Mimi could wear Bella's and I would make a new one for Bella, but alas I ended up sewing a little one for Mimi which will never get worn again. Oh well! It's cute!

The littlest wench!

I didn't use a pattern for this one, I just sort of traced Bella's vest in a smaller size. I can hardly be bothered with patterns anymore. In fact, I can hardly be bothered with pins or matching thread anymore. Rebel without a cause!

Daddy and his girls

Brent says he'll wear a costume if I make him some ring mail. And when he says "ring mail," I'll just assume he means "kilt."

My favorite part of the Renaissance is the fairy hike through the woods.

Fairy Hike through the woods

Bella's favorite was the pickle.

Pickle Princess

Emily's favorite was dancing to minstrel music. She also liked clutching wood chips picked up from the ground.

Mimi Fairy

The girls loved dancing with the butterfly fairy.

Butterfly Fairy

She was wonderful! She had the girls twirling and dancing. It was right at the end of our day--what a great way to leave.

But I get ahead of myself. We enjoyed much in between pickles and the butterfly fairy! We made a wand and rode the butterfly carousel. And bought some butterfly wings.

Butterfly Carousel

We loved the parade--live snakes! Belly dancers! Royalty! Then we ate some fish and chips and beer cheese soup in a bread bowl and watched some shows. It was pretty great. Bella even got knighted. Which I thought was kind of a guy thing, but I didn't want to reveal my ignorance.

Bella gets Knighted

Brent and I had a heated discussion about whether Harry Potter re-enactors belong at the Renaissance. I said no but he said yes. Why? "Because they use wands." Usually I defer to him on the fantasy stuff but that is just wrong. Why don't we just have Buffy the Vampire Slayer walking around too? She has a stake! Sheesh.

But it was a stupendous day, as you can imagine. You can't go wrong with those two super cute girls, a beautiful day, and a magical place like the Renaissance!

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