16 September 2010

How fun was that

What a day for the apple orchard! Look at this cute little family.

Apple Orchard Picnic

We had intended to go to Costco and buy toilet paper and cheese. But then Aunt Sally called and had the great idea to go to the apple orchard!

Sweet Sisters

We went to Pine Tree Apple Orchard, which is kind of like a movie set apple orchard since you're not allowed to touch any apples. But they have apple donuts. NUFF SAID.

View from the Hayride

We went on the hayride! What a beautiful view of the sparkly lake. We got some caramel apples for a snack.

Caramel Apple Picnic

Then, we frolic.

Pine Tree Apple Orchard

I am no stranger to the apple orchard (an apple whorechard, if you will?), but this weather... this WEATHER! Amazing! I've never had apple orchard weather like that. Nobody wanted to leave. 

We got home in time for leftovers for supper and movie night. And we still need toilet paper and cheese!

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  1. You will have to come to Rochester and go to http://www.appleridgeorchard.com/

    sometime. I haven't been there since you were small. Or there is Sekaps but that isn't so much an experience. Good apples though