13 September 2010

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming

Well sort of. It's still going to be Fair-related! Because I have trouble letting go!

I thought one way to ease the let-down of the first weekend after the Fair was to host a Fair-themed dinner! So we called up our trusty Fair-friends Alison and Jed. This idea was especially good because it a) was super fun and b) made us clean the house (which had fallen into disarray of EPIC proportions during the Fair).

Jed and the 1919

Here is Jed next to the pony keg of 1919 he got special for the occasion. We drank the whole thing, just the four of us. BURP!

Corn Dog Pizza

Our menu was a little last minute, and we have big plans for our next Fair-themed dinner. (Also, the usual Fair-themed meal around the Baker house would include Spamburgers. But this hostess is a little self-conscious about that, so didn't put it on the menu, and in fact for the same reason stores the Costco 12-pack of Spam in the basement behind old magazines.) Anyway, here is the menu:

  • 1919 Rootbeer (worth mentioning again)
  • Schell's Oktoberfest
  • Olives on a stick
  • Pickle Dogs (pastrami-cream cheese-pickle, rolled up)
  • Corndog Pizza (I am the only one who had this at the Fair this year, but I thought it was great)
  • Crepes (with cranberries and brie, but we were too stuffed so we just did fresh blueberries and whip cream)
  • Sweet Martha's Chocolate Chip Cookies (baked fresh from frozen)
Next year--watch out, because I am going to setup a salsa chopper sales booth replica in the kitchen and Alison mentioned something about honey ice cream and of course this menu was a little weak without mini donuts, but we had just made those and they are a little labor intensive. Also we might consider planning more than 24 hours in advance and therefore being able to invite more of you. Because who doesn't need a Fair tribute dinner 5 days after the Fair closes?

In other news (still Fair-related), I almost forgot to pick up my knitting. Thursday afternoon (officially the last minute) I had to race down to the Fairgrounds in a lather. I have no idea what made me remember, I just did one of those moments where you sit bolt upright, "MY KNITTING!" Maybe it was communicating with me, like when people's children are in car accidents and they JUST KNOW right at that same second. Like that.

Anyway. That wraps up our Fair blogging for the year I think. waaah. 

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  1. I will miss the Fair-themed blogging! But yummmmm that dinner was so good. And for the record, I would totally eat (and enjoy) a Spamburger, even though Jed would act snobby about it. Whatever. If it's good enough for Hawaiians, it's good enough for me!

    We're working on the honey ice cream; we made a batch but it was nowhere near honey-y enough. Luckily we have a year to perfect it! I was thinking also that if I'd been on the ball I would have bought some beans from the roastery that provides the Farmer's Union Coffee Shop with their beans. Oh well.