28 August 2010

State Fair: Day 2

Today the girls and I went to the Fair for a quickie--only a few hours, just to say "Hi Fair!" We waited until after Mimi's nap and then headed out. First stop, SHEEP!


How cute are those guys? We tried to get Mimi to "Baah" but she was uncooperative. Then it was on to the bunnies!

Bunny Barn

I told Brent it was about a 50/50 chance I come home with a bunny. A barn full of bunnies does that to you.

Just look.

Blue-eyed bunny

Can you stand it? GET IN MY PURSE.

Then Bella decided she was "allergic to animals," which I think clinically translates into "ready for some ice cream," so we headed over to the butterhead building and got the most delicious strawberry malt. We ate it while watching the butter carving. Bella very astutely pointed out that if we were inside the butter carving gazebo, our ice cream wouldn't be melting so fast. Isn't she smart!

Butter carving

Right as we are leaving, we run into Princess Kay! Yes THE Princess Kay of the Milky Way! How great is that!

Princess Kay!

I unbuckle Mimi for the picture and she runs over to Princess Kay with her chubby arms in the air, "up?" We all just melted. I mean the whole butterhead building went, Awwwwww! Seriously. It was great.

Then we decide it's time to see the big pumpkin. I'm so glad the girls are entertained by the vegetables. I love those. There's a squash that is as big as a pool noodle! And cute little muffin-y pumpkins!


Bella in the vegetables room

Then we go to find my friend Cynthia's scarecrow and look at the crop art.


Playing with the scarecrows

Bella spots this particular crop art from across the room. She is very impressed. So am I!

Spongebob Crop Art

Mimi then starts pointing at all the corn and soybeans and making the eat sign. Hmmm, must be time for a snack!


We head over to have a picnic under the Space Tower. There is a band playing and Mimi cuts a rug. Hilarious. Strangers stop to tell me how cute she is. And she is!

Having a snack under the Space Tower

Then we decide it is time for our annual Sky Ride! Except, what's this? High winds have closed the Sky Ride? Oh tragedy. We console ourselves with the Space Tower. Where the ticket guy looks at the kids and goes, "Both under 3 right?" And I'm thinking, he's being nice right? He can totally tell that kid is not under three? She is almost 5 for crying out loud. But hey, I'll take $3 fair charity where I can get it, so I'm all like, "YUP!" and there you go. I'm not saying I'm proud, but that was one heck of a deal--all three of us for $3! I was downright giddy.

What's next? Bella decides. SPIN-A-PAINT! Excellent choice.


Even Mimi makes one. She likes pushing the spin button. Mommy does the paint. We all manage to get paint on our shirts. They turned out nice, see?


Then it's time to head home, since I don't want to wear everyone out right before our big Saturday at the Fair. Which I think I kind of did. Oops. I'm sure they'll still have fun! They better!!

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