27 August 2010

State Fair: Day 1

OK so if I could order up Fair weather, today would have been exactly where I would have set the thermostat. WAS IT NOT THE PERFECT DAY FOR FAIR? I was almost passing out shouting that at everyone I met. With a pronto pup hat on my head. And a homemade Fairwear shirt. Singing the new Fairol. Maybe you saw me.

I arrived in the morning after a fitful night. Couldn't sleep. Fair in the morning. Fair. Fair. I dropped the girls off at preschool, drove to work, and practically skipped down to the Fair. I then sauntered around with my State Fair blend coffee and what was going to be a crepe until I saw the humongous line and switched to getting a chocolate chunk scone (which was amazing) at French Meadows. I did a nice loop, admiring new stuff like the freshly painted Horticulture building.

Fresh Paint

The new pickle booth.

New pickle booth!

Some meat.


I stopped and asked if I could take that picture and the meat booth guy was so excited he grabbed my shoulders and lined me up, "There's YOUR SHOT! TAKE IT!" The first morning is intoxicating to all I think.

Some last minute additions to Spamville. You only had all year to attach the "Spam Boulevard" sign, why not wait until opening morning? BECAUSE I WOULD TOTALLY STEAL IT IF YOU DID IT EARLIER. You know I would.

Last minute Spamville construction

I had to laugh at this mob waiting to see my knitting. Patience, people, you will all get a chance to see!

Mob outside Creative Activities

I bustled inside behind the crowd and was surprised to see Emily's jumper hanging up in a place of honor... backwards! Ha! And no ribbon. Darn.


And then a bit later I look up.

Blue ribbon!

Oh HELLO Mr. Blue Ribbon!! I clapped. For myself. By myself. With a pronto pup on my head.


I also submitted my beaded shawl, which I totally can't find. I think this is it?? There is one that looks almost just like it in the showcase with a big premium ribbon on it. But I can assure you it is not it. I about had a a heart attack, but no, it is not it.

Then I saw this:

No ribbon?? But it's so great!

I came home and described it to Brent and told him I thought it would make our house a home and I (he) would pay any price for it. I fully expect a large square package under the tree this year.

And this isn't my sweater. But I think it is so cute. I just love looking at all the knits and getting inspired by what geniuses people are.

Super cute sweater

Then I had to head to work, and I was cutting it super close, since I have no will-power at the Fair. On the way out I encountered two girls with their illicit pet/baby dog.

Dog smuggled into fairgrounds

A Fair staff person walked up and I was hoping for a big tearful dog impounding scene with lots of drama (I had my camera out) but then she laughed at a dog in a stroller and kept walking. WHA?

After work I had to be a mom and take the girls to swimming lessons and feed them and blah blah blah. Then Brent came home and I was off again! I played loud music and squealed my (mini-van) tires and overall acted like an intoxicated driver as I raced back to the Fair.

Bunnies! Rootbeer! Skeeball! Fireworks!


I stayed too late and then got home and was all hopped up so kept Brent awake telling him about how I got a free tootsie roll for hitting the 100K hole in skeeball and it DIDN'T RECORD and how we had a beer with an insider in the Sweet Martha booth and how we got to rock out to the BoDeans' music drifting over the Fairgrounds.

Today (Friday) I'm taking the girls just for late afternoon and dinnertime. Bella is super excited! I'm sure Emily is too, she just doesn't know it yet.

See you at the Fair!


  1. I've never been to a fair myself but having read your descriptions of last years fair (been lurking till now) and now this today I must say that your fairthusiasm is extremely contagious. So much so that 'going to a state fair (preferably in Minnesota)' has made my list of must-do things. I hope you have some more perfect fair weather this year :).

  2. Hi Kristin! I had no idea I had a lurker! Just like a REAL BLOG! I'm very excited. Thanks for the comment and I would go to the Minnesota State Fair with you any day! And I'm totally stealing "fairthusiasm." That's fairawesome.