20 August 2010


So far August is going great. The garden is so much fun. Just look! Substantial amounts of produce!

Today's Pick

We just hang out outside and sweat all the time. If you'd care to join us for a push-up, just stop on by the deck.

We went on a camping/cabin trip--40 people from the 'hood! Here's Bella and Brent kayaking.


I must say, on this trip I think I hit bottom. I had been having a time with my usual UC problems, had been at Mayo on Thursday, attempted to pack Thursday night and Friday morning, snarked at Brent for not being helpful... it wasn't pretty. And once we got there, despite a gorgeous cabin and absolutely delightful company and hosts, I was still cranky. And I'm talking CRRR-ANKY. I could explain about being trapped at the cabin, necessarily near babies and porta-potties, and fixing lunch for everyone, who were not there but were out on the lake having fun, but that would just more fully expose significant personality flaws that I'm sure you have long suspected but that I prefer to pretend are well-hidden. I guess we all have our days. We stopped in Lindstrom on the way home and Brent bought me a World Famous Scandinavian Donut (which Emily ate almost all of--a fellow donut lover!) and I started to be able to laugh at what a complete nut I am. And to be thankful my family (and hopefully neighbors) still loves me.

Hey, want to see my bathroom?

Master Bath

Pretty sweet, huh. We redecorated it.

Embroidered Roman Shade

Master Bath

As with all of our home improvement projects, it started out small and innocent (remember the wasp nest in the retaining wall, otherwise known as Extreme Makeover Yard Edition). This time it was just time to replace the rusty mini-blind. NO BIG DEAL. It is at this point in every project that I should step away from the internet. I am just lucky I didn't end up pouring new concrete countertops or something, because that is the path I was headed down with four new light fixtures, repainting the trim, painting the walls, painting the windows (I do love to paint), applying privacy film to the window, sewing and embroidering roman shades, installing new towel racks, new towels, new over-the-toilet art. When you are shopping online for the perfect over-the-toilet art, YOU HAVE GONE TOO FAR.

But what can I say. Now I have the perfect over-the-toilet art (it is this, in case you are wondering). And I believe we have already covered (many times) that I am a nut, so no one is really that shocked here. And now I have a happy little bathroom. Yay.

Here is the latest knit.

Tropical Tank

A tank/apron (tankpron?) for Bella. She actually wanted to wear it for longer than 5 seconds for the picture! Victory! She tore it off sometime during preschool this morning but still I say victory.

I submitted two knits to Creative Activities at the Fair this year--the beaded shawl (with a visible cast-off mistake! HORROR!) and Emily's jumper (which is practically perfect in every way except that, hello, it's a jumper. lame.). I'm not sure why I submitted two, I got a little overexcited and couldn't commit. Once again, I was in line behind amazingly bad creative activities (remember last year the guy in front of me was submitting Santa crapping in a chimney?). This year a woman was submitting what was apparently framed pieces of typing paper. Maybe she made the frames? It didn't look like it. What category would that be then? Frame paper insertion? I can only imagine how competitive that must be.

It was fun to drive around the Fair and see the early hustle and bustle. I forgot my camera but I can tell you there is a new O'Gara's pub, a new cool sunshade over Baldwin Park, and what I think are a few new chainsaw statues. They were adding the seats to the Sky Glider that day too. Pretty exciting!

My Fair preparations include a daily "State Fair Training" walk, complete with double-stroller and two kids, some crafty projects (more on that in the near future), sandal shopping, and having general anxiety about having enough time at the Fair.

FAIR FAIR FAIR! Can you stand it. Only a week away.


  1. LOVE the bathroom! The windows especially! Good job! I must go to the fair with you some night and see how it's really done! ;-)

  2. Okay, I was admiring the embroidered Roman shades on Flickr (of course I'm partial to anything with "Roman" in the name) but I had no idea you embroidered them YOURSELF! What?? Anyhow, the bathroom looks great. And I didn't even know privacy film existed, btw. Your redecoration projects are very educational for me.

    As for FAIR! FAIR! FAIR! I did see in the Blue Ribbon book that there's a coupon for sandals. You could buy your Fair sandals AT THE FAIR! But they might be ugly or uncomfortable or both, and you wouldn't know until it was too late, so I guess it's not a perfect plan. Anyhow, I can't wait and I'm super excited to see your knittings (not a word)!

  3. Thanks for liking the bathroom windows guys! I had originally wanted plantation shutters. But then it turns out those are like a gazillion dollars. So I went with plan B! And slob, I'm insulted you didn't automatically assume I embroidered them myself. DO I NOT SEEM CRAFTY TO YOU. Harumph.

    And I am well-shod for the fair I think, I got some Xena-esque Birkenstocks and am attempting to break them in in time. Could be a DISASTER!!