27 July 2010

The Lake

We just got back from a week at my parents' cabin, where it was sunny and beautiful almost the whole time. Here are the girls in the lake.

Bumper boats

Emily was a little unsure about the whole little boat thing, but as I could have predicted, as soon as Bella crashed into her with her inner tube, all was well. That's my Emily. She likes a good crash.

She also likes ducks and likes to ACK at them. ACK! ACK! Although sometimes she gets confused and pants at them instead (her other trick is being a dog).

We spent a lot of time at the beach, where Brent built his traditional sand castle. Here's Emily, digging away.

At the beach

And Grandpa took Bella fishing with her princess pole. Although I think she only cast it once and then decided it was less work (and more princess-y) if G'pa just did all the casting and reeling in and touching of worms/fish and she would just watch the bobber and give a shout when it went under and blow kisses to the fish when they're thrown back. Which is pretty much how I fish too.

Fishing in Gpa's Boat

I started calling it the "Rehabbin' Cabin" since I seem to have been massively addicted to caffeine before arriving. But a few days away from all of my coffee apparatae and I'm cured. At least for now!

Brent and I had a date, where we went to the quilt store. Just kidding. We went to the quilt store AND the casino. I got cute new fabric and crabcakes and probably a glass too much wine and came home to find Emily sound asleep and Bella taking a bath in a Rubbermaid tub on the deck. We got to hear all about their pizza dinner and ice cream dessert and Emily's poop (grandparents highly traumatized). A fun night for all.

The girls enjoyed riding in the boat to get ice cream. You can boat to get ice cream? I KNOW! How great is that!

Ice Cream!

And here's the view from the deck on our last night. (Where I am getting eaten alive by mosquitoes--lest we get too idyllic here). That's a showstopper sunset.


The trip was totally worth the 5 hours of packing and 4 hour drive up with Emily screaming the whole way (she likes to try to Incredible Hulk out of her car seat and then becomes enraged when she can't successfully turn into the Hulk and remembers she is a weak powerless little baby still buckled into a carseat--WAAAH!).We checked out a Backyardigans DVD from the library for Bella to watch on the way up, so she was not such a disaster as usual. The way home was equally torturous and involved half a bag of licorice (fed to the girls half a piece at a time to try to keep them happy), 3 Strawberry Shortcake movies, and a peed in carseat. I seriously think we'd all be safer if I could just give the kids some benadryl before car trips. Why can I not do that?

But like I said, it was totally worth it. The cabin is what childhood is made of.

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