11 July 2010

Another F'ed UFO

Another finished unfinished object!

Why, what did you think I meant?

Beaded Linen Shawl

2009 was the year I was going to finish all my UFOs. And I made an honest effort. But here it is 2010 and I still have several that I am plugging away on. The beaded shawl, my only remaining knitting UFO, was perhaps my worst--languishing on the needles since 2002. But if you had to push a gazillion beads down the yarn every fourth row or so, you'd understand. SNORE. And then at the very very end, I cast off and looked at it and said, that's not right, I should have done it on the wrong side, and ripped out my cast off and redid it. Except--you guessed it--it was right the first time. GRRRSNORE! So don't get any pink ribbon winning ideas about this one.

But still, cute, no?

Beaded Linen Shawl

Speaking of cute... as most of you know, I like to invent things, then do nothing, then complain vehemently when someone else invents it. So I would like to post this video of Bella after she invented Neapolitan Milk (three kinds of milk in one, compartmentalized carton) to record in history her idea. I started recording her because she was so funny talking about all the details--the caps would screw on like on the OJ container! you can pour whichever one you want! But when I started recording, she is so well trained to perform that she sang an impromptu song instead.

It's very catchy. You can often hear someone humming it around the Baker house.

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