21 June 2010


Did anyone else see that 'Babies' movie? Was that not the cutest movie? It reminded me of Animals are Beautiful People (one of my favorite movies) except with SUPER CUTE pudgy-cheeked toilet paper eating babies instead of monkeys and meerkats. It almost made me pay more attention to my own babies except that it's June and sunny and I have a garden and I can't be bothered with them*.

I have baby fruits and vegetables to tend. See?

Baby Strawberry!

Baby Tomatoes!

Raised Beds: June 21

The strawberries are having a hard-knock life. They got completely eaten a couple weeks ago (along with the peas, which I have been meaning to replant) by two fat, despondent bunnies, helpfully chased away by my bunny-hunting/bunny-eating neighbor, Tim. And the first red-ripe one just got gored by a bird. Probably a fat despondent one. So with the addition of chicken wire and now with fishing line strung across the top of the bed (this is Baker Home Improvement Scope Creep on a small scale), we are hopefully going to get us some berries. I am tempted to hedge my bets with a Saturday morning trip to Pine Tree pick-your-own. Maybe Brent could scatter the pick-your-own berries in our raised bed when we get home and the girls and I could make magical memories picking our homegrown strawberries! How idyllic!!

OK I suppose that is enough about berries. At least the whole post isn't about babies, as the title implies, right?

Have you seen my terrarium? It is so great. I had been coveting the ones in doodlebirdies' shop on etsy forever. So when I was in Rochester at my parents' and saw a bunch of moss in my dad's garden, I was super excited.

New Terrarium

Then I had to obsess about tiny accessories. I finally decided on these totally kick-ass tiny gnome homes. Although it was a close call with the Villa Piccola Italian gnome village. Buon Giorno Gnoma!

Gnome Homes

It makes me smile every time I look at it.

And also now I am obsessed with moss. I bought a bunch of preserved moss sheets and bags at the craft store and glued/pinned them to a wreath form and made this.

Moss Wreath

Is that not AWESOME? And if you don't love it then you are probably the same people who didn't like the green door and I don't care what you think. I would offer to make you one and sell it to you on Etsy except that it took like $40 worth of preserved moss ON SALE and if I was going to do it again I would have to invest in some mossing pins for my own sanity. I told you I was obsessed. I have since installed bark-to-bark moss carpeting in the fairy house and mossed over the soil on several house plants. I half-jokingly told Brent I wanted to moss the floor in the shower. Would that not be great? HALF-jokingly. Just throwing it out there. Seeing how it flies. Moss in the shower. Crazy. Right?

Here's a picture of the girls at the Polar Bear exhibit at Como Zoo.

At the Polar Bear Exhibit

We enjoyed climbing around the seal cave thing and using the big new nice-smelling bathrooms. Other than that, it's pacing polar bears, a big poop-viewing room, a pool full of carrots, and lots of loose cork on the floor for Emily to stuff in her mouth. And now they're apparently redoing the primates exhibit. Hopefully they won't F that up too.

Hey and I made the cutest doll ever, even cuter than Rosemary I think.

A New Doll

She is a present for Emily for Christmas so she has to hide in the basement for a while. But I have her in my craft room so we can chat and she won't get lonely. Very Anne Frank. (And for the record I have since painted that wicker chair because EWWWW that is totally gross black mold EWW I can't believe I set a brand new handmade doll on there--oh and the kids sit there too, that's right, the kids, that should be the real reason I am grossed out).

To finish up the crafting round-up, here is a skirt I made out of some of the greatest fabric ever, double-gauze Heather Ross Far Far Away. It's the Amy Butler Barcelona layered skirt and so has unfinished seams going around it and looks awesome with the double-gauze all unravelly and disheveled and grungy.

Barcelona Layered Skirt

Barcelona Layered Skirt

I have gotten zero compliments on it. CRICKETS CHIRPING. So I figure it is either totally dork city or people see me in an unraveling gauze skirt with frogs on lily pads fabric and it's so run of the mill for me that they don't even feel the need to comment. That's ok! I don't need your skirt validation! I am paint-the-door-green-put-moss-in-the-shower weird and that's ok!

My next sewing project is so weird it will make my grunge frog skirt seem like a school uniform. I'll give you a hint. It's for the girls and it's because Bella said she couldn't wait another minute for the State Fair. And it involves 20 yards of felt. Any guesses? (no fair guessing if I already blabbed to you what it is).

*At one point in the movie, there is a scene where the Mongolian baby is secured to a bed leg with a rope around his middle while his mom is out milking the cows, and I'm like, WHY IS THAT NOT OK HERE (out loud, in a theater) and the next day Emily's fussing and pawing at my rear end while I'm trying to make something in the kitchen and I tell her, IF WE WERE IN MONGOLIA YOU'D BE TIED TO THE BED RIGHT NOW and Bella, coloring at the table in the dining room, hears me and starts to cry. I just know in 20 years that is going to be SO misconstrued by a therapist.