18 May 2010

A Garden Post

Oh my good gravy WHAT A WEEKEND. Two solid days in the yard. Bliss!

Our gardens are looking wonderful, if I do say so myself. Our new landscaping came through the winter despite us doing nothing (because it's under warranty so why would we do that), so that was quite exciting to have come back to life this spring.

Here are the raised beds that I've been dying for. Our backyard is so sunny and plain, just perfect for some fruits and veggies.

Raised Beds

I also managed to get these by doing almost nothing. My dad built them, delivered them, installed them, and even filled one with dirt by carrying twenty 40-lb bags of soil on his head. Dad, you get all the strawberries and tomatoes you want!

Watering the Tomatoes


Strawberries and Peas

Here is the long-awaited (allllllll winter) Fairy Garden! I planted wildflower nubbins everywhere, and there isn't much action yet. But it sure will be exciting if something grows. We check it every day.

Fairy Garden

And look who is the happiest little potted tree ever! With tiny blossoms that smell so amazing. You just step onto the porch and you're in Spain.

Orange Tree

Also on the porch, some pansies Bella picked out at the nursery. Right before shouting "I HAVE TO GO TO THE BATHROOM RIGHT NOW!"


And the lilacs are definitely at their peak.

Dwarf Korean Lilac

Today we planted some moonflower with high hopes of it climbing up one of the deck poles. Bella told me the seeds smelled like the moon. What a wonderful thought.

15 May 2010

Drum Roll Please

I present to you... The Norwegian Cardigan!

Norwegian Cardigan

Norwegian Cardigan

Nine years in the making and I finally finished it! Now that feels good. I had to felt it up a little because it turned out so enormous. That took a little bravery, to pop her into the washing machine. There's no going back from that! But I literally felted her one minute at a time, for about 6 minutes total, and I think I got the size just right. And then it rained all week and I was afraid she might grow mold trying to "dry" on my kitchen counter. Every day I would flip, fold, pat, fan, fluff. Eventually she was dry and I sewed on the clasps when I should have been crocheting a special-request niece birthday present, AND THEN I had to wear her IMMEDIATELY, even though it was 60 degrees and sunny. I got lots of accolades at work, where I strutted around with a glass of ice water trying not to look like I was sweating from the half a sheep I was wearing.

Pretty great.

08 May 2010


Peanut Patch Cake for my birthday

Happy Birthday to me!

I had a nice birthday yesterday! Bella ran into daycare in the morning and yelled, "It's my mommy's birthday today and I GET A BABYSITTER!" Oh yeah!

I picked the girls up after lunch (our usual schedule these days since I switched to 5 half days) and headed over to the mall for a quick visit to the Apple Store to see why my new computer was all aloof and rude to my old video camera. My appointment took about 60 seconds because, yeah, those two aren't going to get along. We head over to the mall play area for a quick play, Bella has a loud lengthy meltdown and we make a hasty exit. Hey, nobody's birthday is perfect. Then we head home and bake my favorite cake! Then I get to open my present and it's a new Flip camera--a video camera that works with my new computer! How did he do that? We went to Muffaletta for dinner (I was going to video us there with my new camera but then Brent got all embarrassed) and I had two glasses of wine and a lamb (!) steak and I think the entire breadbasket (being as I'm on a large dose of prednisone I will use that as an excuse for eating like a lumberjack). It was great. Being 34 rules so far. We'll see what the year will bring.


Peanut Patch Cake

1 package yellow cake mix
1 package instant vanilla pudding mix
1/2 cup oil
1 1/4 cups water
4 eggs
1 cup peanut butter
1 cup dates, cut up
1/2 cup chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 350. Grease and flour a Bundt pan. Beat cake and pudding mixes, oil, water and eggs until well blended or approximately four minutes on medium speed. Beat in peanut butter. Pour 1/3 batter into pan; sprinkle with a layer of dates and chocolate chips. Repeat. Pour remaining batter into pan and bake for about 45-50 minutes.