23 April 2010

I am a geriatric cliche

Meg Swansen at Yarnover:

Meg Swansen at Yarnover 2010

See that pile of sweaters in front of her? That's like 25 sweaters her or her mom (Elizabeth Zimmermann) designed and knitted. And her whole attitude is kind of like, What? What's the big deal? You guys don't do this?

Yes of course we do.

Another highlight of Yarnover is the market, which is kind of like what I imagine it must be like to be a crack addict walking down the street, if the street had a crack dealer about every 5 feet or so. Big tables full of nice quality, reasonably priced crack. Sometimes crack you've always wanted but never seen at such a good price. I exercised a mid-size amount of restraint, and got some clearance yarn, a sock book (which I had awkwardly signed by the author as she was innocently standing on the sidewalk--SCORE!), some stitch markers which came free with the book, and after Meg Swansen's class I had to have the Knitting Glossary DVD of hers that I had seen 30% off at the Yarnery booth and after the class kind of panicked that everyone else would want it too, so I somewhat embarrassed myself by gimpily running (I have shingles in my leg) from the class to the booth, at which point I believe I can no longer consider myself a Young Person--when your shingles is slowing you down shopping for a knitting movie that's on a good sale. If I'd have had a coupon I couldn't find in my purse and then slowly written a check, I'd have been a full blown geriatric cliche.

So to prove I am not a hundred thousand years old, here is super cute Bella. Who keeps us all young.

Dance Costume
By far the most traumatic thing about getting ready for dance picture night was the tattoo removal. I could tell you lots of things that DON'T work for removing a large purple My Little Pony tattoo, but I'll just skip to the useful part and tell you that Goo Gone took it right off. Luckily, we had a couple babysitter-type friends over at the time, so Bella was at least somewhat compliant to having her arm rubbed with various solvents and appears to have been undamaged for picture night.

That's all for now. I have recovered from my shingles enough to contract a spring cold. So I'm off to sniffle and cough in my nice cozy bed.

13 April 2010

In which I am awesome

Look what I did last night.

Hand Painted Yarns

I took a class at the Textile Center called "Paint a Skein." FUN!

Learning to Hand Paint Yarn

We were told to bring five hanks of nude yarn. I brought six because I have a problem with arrogance and assuming I am above average and in general just like to be a bad ass who can't be bothered with instructions. (A yarn bad ass, I should clarify. In all other subject areas I am totally angelic.) So we soak our yarn, mix our dyes, watch a demo, paint our first skein, heat set the dye, rinse, hang to dry, and POOF! There's just one hour left and four (or five) hanks left. Holy polar red it's time to get my butt in gear! I was doing that contained-rushing around, where you are scurrying everywhere but since you are carrying sloshy buckets of permanent dye you are VERY CAREFULLY scurrying. I even started calling like I was back in a food service kitchen, "right behind you!" and "coming around!" I came home and collapsed, complaining to Brent that my back hurt and I felt like I had just worked a shift. I finished all six of my hanks of yarn, though, because I am BAD ASS like that, as I awesomely predicted. By the end I was no longer using a brush, however, I was doing some combination between dip dying and finger painting and whatever else got the job done in about 30 seconds. I think they turned out quite nice though! I made three to 'match' (very tricky so we'll see how matchy they actually are) with the idea they would be the yarn for a February Lady Sweater (ravelry link) for my bad ass self, and a pink one, a yellow one, and a low value purple/sage one. Although for a while I might just wear them as necklaces because that's faster and easier and equally satisfying.

In other news about how awesome I am, would you please just take a look at this [Christmas] gift (yes I know it is April but sometimes life is just like that) for my wonderful friend Alison.

Morrissey Muppet Serenading Alison

It is a Muppet custom built to look like (more or less) Morrissey. I KNOW! AWESOME! I was freaking out when she opened it, like shrieking and screaming and I believe I stood up and clapped, and we were on the patio at a bar and everyone was snickering at us but secretly OH SO JEALOUS because you tell me, who doesn't want their own Muppet? I know I do.

Brent and I both predicted that Jed would be a master Muppeteer right from the start. And indeed he had the thing singing and gesticulating in no time.

If you can believe it, I got an EQUALLY cool present from Alison. A stunning vase bought at the Pewabic pottery studio/museum in Michigan. Sounds normal, right? But wait, what if I told you... MARTHA STEWART HAS THE EXACT SAME ONE!! I know. This also caused a huge scene at the bar but by then people had learned to ignore us (me). I later remembered this pottery studio from one of her shows where she was giving us her "Secret Sources" for cool stuff. I love it so much!

That's about it for the awesomeness. It's a rainy day here today but I'm pretty excited for this afternoon because I have a big pack of shrinky dink plastic. I hope it is as cool as I remember!

ETA: Just an update. It is TOTALLY as cool as I remember!