23 March 2010

Peek a Boo


Guess Who!

It's Bella, of course! We took that at the Science Museum on either side of a giant crystal ball. It was one of the only pictures I took that turned out (overexposed dinosaur bones! blurry kids!). I think it is so cute.

Today I am home and Bella and I just made our usual To-Do list while we ate breakfast.

  • Make Easter Cards
  • Finish Sewing "Bark, George" set (needs cow and pig)
  • Play Beauty Parlor
  • Bake a Cake
  • Do "Cinderella" Chores (we both find chores more exciting if one of us is the wicked stepmother)
  • Go to the Grocery Store (the one with the firetruck carts [Cub])
  • Make Carrot Soup (supper)
  • Sister Bath
  • Dance at Dance Class
Should be a fun day. 

Here are some shoes I made this weekend. 

Gnome Shoes

They were for a tiny new neighbor who was having a neighborhood shower thrown in his honor. I made them out of my favorite fabric ever, the little gnomies. I showed them to Brent and he says, "You should get a gnome for your Fairy Garden." I'd consider that permission granted to buy a gnome, wouldn't you? The baby mama seemed to like the shoes a lot, although she was thinking he'd be walking by the time he wore them (I remember this, looking at 6 mos clothes and thinking they'd be in school by the time they wore those). I felt kind of dumb because the gift right before me from another neighbor was a Baby Bjorn. Aren't those things like $100? And I made shoes? Dur.

Well time to go. Wicked Stepmother is wanting me to play beauty parlor. 


  1. They are 50 to 125 on amazon depending on which version, if you are talking about the backpack thingy. Inappropriate for a baby shower -- spending that much, but what do I know.

    I have some wood. Do you prefer 2 4 by 4 beds or one big one? And should I incorporate a special gnome holder?

  2. Oh good idea, we could just have a gnome home in the yard instead of a garden! Except I already ordered the veggies so no going back now. I am fine with whatever is easiest/best as far as two versus one. I have no concept of lumber limitations.