02 March 2010


A year ago today, I was holding a tiny, sweet, chubby-cheeked baby girl, so grateful to be the mama who would get to be with her as she grows up.  And now look!

Peek a boo birthday girl!

My sweetie. I hope she is as happy with her family as we are with her.

Bella gives Emily her card

She especially loved it when we all sang her "Happy Birthday."

Enjoying her Happy Birthday song!

So we did it again!

And again, all day.

Birthday Cake!

The girls and I were home, so we were able to spend the whole day doing things Emily enjoys. Like eating things off the floor and emptying cupboards! Not really, but that would have probably been fine with her. We had pancakes, went to baby storytime, took a little walk (what a day for a walk! Ohmygoodness Emily, you have a glorious birth date), had a big bath, crawled around wreaking destruction on the playroom, and ate cake.

She got a pillow for her crib. Big girl one year olds need one for their beauty sleep.

A Pillow!

Bella gave her a huge rubber ball that we picked out at Target. She insisted that it be wrapped, so I wrapped it and put it with the other gifts, and Bella sees it and says, "Is it a Pinata?"

She got her very own bag of Teddy Grahams, a big hit. And a card that plays Winnie the Pooh when it opens. Her most special present isn't finished yet--I just need to knit a few more inches on it. I always take advantage of these poor babies who have no concept of punctuality.

We also went to Bella's dance class tonight. I wouldn't say that is one of Emily's favorite things, but she doesn't mind it. And it was family watch night!

Hop'n'Tots Parent Watch Night

And also costume try-on night. This picture just takes my breath away. You can tell she feels like a princess.

My beautiful ballerina

My two princesses. What a lucky mama I am.

The Birthday Girl!


  1. All the best folk are born on March 2nd! (can you tell I'm a March 2nd girl?) Contgrautlations!

  2. Thanks dropped stitch! And Happy Birthday!