13 March 2010

Fancypants Emily Bea

Here is the jumper I promised for Emily's birthday. It turned out beautifully and I hope she'll be able to wear it for a long time. I am so excited for her to try it on! I'll put up pics of her modeling it as soon as she is available for a photo shoot. Since I finished it she has been too busy sleeping, being messy, or doing non-dressy activities.

Emily's Birthday Jumper

Emily's Birthday Jumper

Emily's Birthday Jumper

Bella asked hopefully if it was for her. (oooh so cute!) So I told her I would make her one. I can't buy any more of this yarn, since it was a gift and I looked on the website and they don't sell that colorway online, so I'll just use different yarn. I am taking a "Paint a Skein" workshop next month, so if my yarn turns out ok maybe I can use that! I know! AWESOME!

I also made her these shoes, which she actually wears and leaves on and therefore we can suppose that she actually likes them.

They are the Stardust Shoe Pattern, but enlarged roughly 50% because that pattern is for tiny little newborn feet and not fat little one-year-old hoho feet. Here she is modeling them:

Sisters, ready for daycare!

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