13 March 2010


I love to read these Dailies (be careful you will get sucked in you have been warned) because I have voyeuristic tendencies and, to be honest, if you would let me really follow you around for a day, I definitely would, and let's get real here, I would probably do it WITHOUT you letting me except that then it's creepy and weird and Emily would probably screech and make noise and then you'd discover me in the bushes or the closet or wherever and it would be SUPER awkward.

So I thought it would be fun to have a daily here on peppercam. Don't you think? Fun? Yes? Ok! Let's go!


7:09 wake up brush teeth shower and generally lurch around (like a zombie) because I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON
7:32 Bella emerges from her room fully-dressed and singing because SHE IS A MORNING PERSON
7:40 Brent leaves for work while Bella plays Webkinz and I try to get organized and packed for the day. Some days I work but today I am home with the girls.
8:08 I make us breakfast. Bella tells me she's already had breakfast. Wha??? But that's ok, she'll have more. We have yogurt with strawberries and granola.

8:11 We hear a little shout. Mimi is up. We go up to get her. She's bouncing in her crib, excited to see us. She shouts some more. We sing the "Good Morning Song." She yells.
8:14 Change Mimi's diaper and get her dressed.

8:17 There. Quarter after eight and we're all out of pajamas. Not bad!

8:30 Give Mimi breakfast. She has a bowl of baby oatmeal and some strawberries. She makes faces when I feed her the plain Greek yogurt that Bella and I like, so I don't waste it on her. More for me. yum.

8:40 Coffee (which I take in the car with me)

9:00 Off to our play date at Cousin Claire's house! Bella requests Hula music on the CD player and later requests that I not sing along.

9:36 We are introduced to a surprise! Cousin Claire is guinea pig-sitting! The guinea pig gets overly excited and throws his food bowl upside down. He is instantly remorseful.

9:40 The girls are downstairs while Libby and I are watching the guinea pig and Bella calls up, "IS IT OK IF I TAKE MY SHIRT OFF?" She has been here 12 minutes.
9:44 Girls tromp upstairs as giggling princesses. We all play school, have a cookie snack, and play princesses.
11:40 Cousin Nick arrives on a SCHOOL BUS  

11:56 Time for lunch. Libby serves up bagels and cream cheese and fruit. One of my favorite lunches! Uncle Dave calls and is flustered when I answer at his house. He has called to see if he should eat the cafeteria fish for lunch. We all laugh at him. Because that is funny.
12:45 We are all off to Kiddywampus to get a birthday present for a party tomorrow. Libby leads the way in her van and Bella watches like a hawk. "Mom! They're getting away! Press on the gas! They're stopping! THEY'RE USING A BLINKER!"
12:58 At the toy store, there are a lot of ideas thrown about by the three kids (Emily is sleepily riding around the sling so doesn't have much to say) but we settle on the Spin-a-Paint set. A good choice I think.
1:21 We bid adieu to Aunt and Cousins, who are going to stay and play some more at the toy store.
1:30 Bella requests Neil Young in the car and quickly falls asleep. Mimi too.

1:54 I park in the driveway. I can't transfer both girls inside without one waking the other up, so I let them sleep in their car seats for a while. I go inside to make an espresso. I bring it out and drink it in the van while I knit on my moebius cowl and listen to Science Friday. A lovely bit of me time. Usually Bella "rests" (not really, it usually sounds like a country bear jamboree) in her room for an hour in the afternoon while Mimi naps, so this is weird.

2:50 Mimi wakes up
2:51 Bella wakes up

3:08 Bella watches a TV show to help her wakeup. She is a little cranky from her abrupt awakening.

3:08 Mimi is ready for a snack after being too wound up to eat much at her cousin's house. Cheerios and a Yobaby yogurt.

3:20 I make some pizza dough for dinner. Set it aside to rise. (That is a picture of my recipe sheet)

3:33 Bella has a snack. Fruit strip, saltines with butter, and a glass of milk.
3:35 Mimi is on the loose doing what we call "her chores" (emptying cupboards). Bella says to her, "Mimi, that cupboard isn't going to empty itself!" (something she must have heard me say).

3:54 Time to get ready for a bath. Mimi takes advantage of me trying to find nudey Bella (hiding under bed) to do a little soil excavation. She has terrorized this plant to the point where it trembles when it sees her crawling its way. I find a huge bark chip in her mouth.

3:58 Both girls in the bath!
4:00 Mimi out of bath. Very upset. Missing her bark chip? Who knows. Normally she likes the bath so she must be tired. We snuggle while Bella plays in the bathtub.
4:30 Put Mimi down for a nap. It's a weird time for a nap but is clearly needed.
4:50 Get Bella out and get her in PJs.

5:09 Start making pizzas and fruit salad. Bella is having a good time smashing her dough, spreading the sauce, and sprinkling the cheese.
5:25 Mimi lets us know she is awake and feeling better. We go get her and put her straight in her highchair for dinner.

5:31 Dinner is served! (Normally we would wait until 6:30 and eat with Brent, but he is going out after work tonight)
Dinner gets a thumbs up from Bella. Mimi is not so sure, so we play "Pizz-a-boo" instead.


5:50 Dinner concludes with Bella putting pizza in her eye and telling me she's a "pizza-rate" (pirate). I guess I started it! I clean up a little while Bella washes up and gets ready for a special treat.
5:57 Brent butt dials home. I listen for a while but no one is talking about me so I hang up. Bella is confused.
6:06 The special treat: we get to put Hoppy and Muffy (a bunny and bear) into their "Easter" outfits. Bella loooongs to change their clothes and would do so multiple times per day if allowed. Mimi is doing her best to crawl away with any outfit pieces left unguarded.
6:26 All dressed! (a carrot, an eggplant, a tomato, and a nude pig) Bella runs to get Brent's camera and takes pictures too. Yes this is totally normal at our house. We have dolls. We dress them. We take their picture.
6:27 Time to tidy the playroom. Bella finds a wet diaper. WHA???
6:35 Mimi pulls a little chair down on top of herself. We all get a scare but she is fine. Lots of crying.
6:46 I turn on a Nickelodeon show for Bella while I put Mimi to bed.
7:11 Tiptoe out of Mimi's room.
7:14 Bella gets a before bed M&M cookie and some milk. We go brush teeth and read a couple chapters to finish up "Bella the Bunny Fairy."
7:34 Goodnight Bella! Mimi is shrieking, dissatisfied with her bedtime. I go downstairs to tidy up and then watch a taped Project Runway while I work on my cowl.
8:00 Mimi finally asleep? I can hear Bella "reading" in her room.
8:24 Talk to my brother on the phone. Quite out of the ordinary so it is a nice surprise.
9:00 Bella requests glass of water. But she is sleepy and it spills. Change her bed and her pajamas.
9:34 Bella appears to finally be sleeping. The nap must have thrown her off, because this is very late.
9:54 I put out some Easter decorations and check my email.
11:12 I work on my cowl in bed until I hear Mimi fussing. I go get her a bottle. I am exhausted. She sucks it down and goes to sleep for the night.
11:27 Lights off (except one little one left on for Brent) and time for sleep!


  1. I like baby butts and I can not lie!!!! Ha-ha! Love you pix from your busy day!

  2. I was worried about baby butt perverts when I posted that pic! But it was so cute I just couldn't help myself.

  3. You're a fantastic story teller- love the day's run down. I'd let you follow us around any day of the week, but I highly doubt it would be entertaining to anyone.

  4. All your posts are lovely, this one especially so. Getting to follow you and your girls around for a day was a treat.