07 February 2010

What's for Dinner

This is me trying to be organized about meals. One of my new year's resolutions! I sat down last Sunday made a plan. Here it is:

S:  Fresh Pasta with Tomatoes, Crispy Deviled Eggs (these are from How to Eat Supper and they are so good)

M: TV Dinner Night! Pierogies, Carrots and Dip

T:  Chili (Mom and Dad brought supper!)

W: Knit Night (this means Brent usually gets McDonald's)

T:  Porcini Farro (except I couldn't find Farro so I made this Pasta Bake instead--delicious), Salad, Grape Phyllo Tart (from Martha Stewart's new book, super good)

F: Pumpkin Leek Soup, Cheese Flautas

S: Chicken Marsala on sage polenta, Salad, Rice Pudding

It went more or less like that.

And now it's already time for this week's menu planning! Any recommendations?

I am so in love with myself for working on this new year's resolution. Self, you are so organized and awesome. I hope I don't burn out after three weeks. Which could so happen. Because planning, shopping, and cooking add up to a part-time job and heaven knows I don't have time for that in between all my knitting and American Idol watching.


  1. Once you have a few weeks' menus you can recycle them, perhaps with minor modifications.

    I think you have to go to health food store or maybe whole foods for farro. Or amazon.

    As opposed to faro, a card game popular back in the day or

    Farrow, the name for swine giving birth.

  2. Yeah I totally thought Whole Foods would have it too! But they didn't. I think Amazon is maybe the way to go.
    I never heard of Faro but of course have heard of Farrow. oink. The State Fair is so educational.

  3. This, it is easy to make and very good cold weather food.



  4. Hi there, I stumbled across your blog while looking for info abt the mendocino dress. Yours is FAB btw!!! Anyway now today Im wondering where did u get that great FRDIGE list you have posted on your recent post?

  5. If you haven't heard of faro, you need to watch or read more westerns. It was a popular gambling game in Western Saloons, back in the day so it is said.

  6. Hey karlacola--the What's for Dinner list is part of a kit that The Small Object sells. You make it yourself! So Fun! The other grocery list one I got at The Container Store. Thanks for the complement on my Mendocino dress! It's been cold here for sooooo long, I can't even remember wearing it!

  7. Jerimy--that shepherd's pie recipe looks right up Brent's alley! But holy cow that is a lot of ingredients. Maybe a project for this weekend! Yum!