01 February 2010

Planning for a Good Year

Bella and Emily Sledding!

Happy February!

Bella's not a big fan of this sledding arrangement ("She's CRUSHING me!"), but she has decided it is better than no sledding. Apparently we need to upgrade to the tandem?

We have been trying to get outside more. It is just so much work to bundle everyone up! And I'm more into lazy parenting. Let's play Barbies while momma drinks coffee. That sort of thing. But I'm getting better at motivating us all to go out and Bella is pretty self-sufficient now with her snowpants and all that.

One of my new year resolutions this year was to have a vegetable garden. Here's our plan. What do you think? My dad is making us a 4x8' raised bed in our very sunny back yard.

Garden Planning

Seascape Strawberries, Yaya Hybrid Carrots, Karina Garden Peas, and four different kinds of Tomatoes--Mortgage Lifter, Sweet Baby Girl, Viva Italia, and Wisconsin 55. We are new at this so if anybody has any advice, we'd sure appreciate it! The plan drawing part was fun so we are off to a good start.

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