09 February 2010

The Fairy Family

Our Fairy Books

We found these at the library! How cute is that! Cousin Claire had given Bella a bunch of these for her birthday, and now she is hooked. Good thing there are 500 of them.

We were concerned Brent would feel left out. So Bella and I wrote him his story.

Brent The Peanut Butter Fairy

Brent the Peanut Butter fairy was in trouble! He was hanging from a branch and it was making cracking sounds. He had started out well enough, on a ladder picking some wonderful, juicy berries at the top of the berry bush. But that ladder, in a huge gust of wind, had blown down to the ground, leaving Brent hanging on for dear life.
"Oh wouldn't it be nice to have wings right now!" panted Brent. 
Just then, he heard laughter tinkling on the wind. It was Joanne the Butternut Squash Fairy and Amy the Amethyst Fairy coming back from South America, where they had been on a wonderful fairy vacation, just hanging out. 
"HELP!" cried Brent, who was doing some hanging out himself.
But the two fairies were talking and laughing to each other and didn't hear him. Brent's tiny hands were starting to slip. He needed to think of something fast!
Aha! He took his wand out of his belt and waved it around a little. Then he yelled into the tip, "Joanne! Amy! HELP!" His voice boomed out of the microphone wand.
Joanne and Amy stopped talking. "Did you hear that?" asked Amy. They both cocked their pointy ears to listen. 
"HELP!!" echoed Brent again.
Joanne and Amy raced toward the voice. "That's Brent!" said Joanne. They rushed through the bushes and were startled to see Brent dangling from the top of a tall berry bush. They flew as fast as lightning and grabbed Brent, one on each arm, right as they heard the branch go CRACK!
They flew to the ground and set Brent on the grass. 
"Thanks!" he said with relief, rubbing his sore hands together. "I was just trying to get some berries to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to welcome you home."
"Well maybe next time you should let the flying fairies do the high altitude work, ok?" Amy winked and flew up to get a berry. She carried it as they walked to Brent's cottage.
"Now how about some of those sandwiches? I'm starving!" said Joanne. Everyone laughed.


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