24 February 2010

A little catching up

Just so we are all caught up, here are some things that have been going on during my impromptu blog break, for which I don't really have a good excuse except that I have been exhausted and for a while in fact, was sure that I had mono but then it turns out I am just naturally tired and lazy with no viral assistance needed.

Bella's Ice Injury
Feb 11: Bella gets hit in the head (deliberately) with a large chunk of ice at preschool. I get called at work and told they can't stop the bleeding, although it is only bleeding a little so don't panic even though you just heard the words can't stop the bleeding and are trying not to throw up. I take her to the doctor and she gets patched up, so all's well that end's well. Except that the incident starts us down a dark path of doubt about our choice of daycare. Because, first of all, how f'd up are you to hit a little girl with a large chunk of ice IN THE FACE? And why haven't you been sent home when I pick up my bleeding kid and take her to go get stitches*? And why did your parents not apologize when I later saw them? WHAT THE H IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? It triggered a primal mama protection sequence which is still unfolding. We went and visited a new preschool and Bella had a great time. But she's four and can have a great time at the mall play area, so we are taking that into account. We are very torn on what to do.

*she turned out to only need 'suture strips,' very handy little things!

Next in my rundown of exciting happenings, we got a piano!   

 New Piano

I am so excited. I have always wanted a piano and it is just surreal that now we have one sitting in our living room. We decided on a digital piano, a nice one, and I think it was a great decision, even if it doesn't fit my vision of a charming wooden piano. It has several "voices," which is super fun. The jazz organ alone makes the piano awesome. And don't be surprised if I put on my Jane Austen gown and play a minuet on our harpsichord. Oh, except I don't know how to play a minuet! Minor detail. But I am so excited to take piano lessons! I am going to start in March. I am just thrilled to have a piano in our house, especially with little kids who aren't too cool to sing and dance around while I hunt and peck the ABCs.

Look at Emily Bea!

Emily Bea pushes the walker

She is very proud of herself zombie shuffling behind her walker. She aims for some destination (usually Bella) and when she arrives she squeals and bounces up and down. Yay me! She gets easily distracted by all the bells and whistles on the front of the thing, stopping walking to hang over and flip a few switches like she's a mechanic giving it a little tune-up before walking on.

I ordered all the plants for our new veggie garden. I hope that is a successful adventure! I also got a little carried away with ordering some new flowers for our new landscaping. But I'm not as worried about that. Flowers I can handle. (Usually.) Some of my more exciting purchases are a mix of woodland plants for the back fairy garden area, a peony bush for the front, moonflowers to climb up the deck posts, a 'tiramisu' heuchera (I love tiramisu!), and a lime-green echinacea. I can't wait to spend the summer hanging out with our new landscaping! Maybe I can even have a garden party. And I can wear my Jane Austen gown and play the harpsichord! OHMYGOSH!

The last thing is that I made these fabulous slippers.

French Cafe Slippers

Are they not SO CUTE? I had to do some major adjustments on the photo, since there is actual flesh exposed and it is so blindingly white that my camera exposed it like I was taking a picture of the sun.  They are this pattern, which I give 4 out of 5 stars. I docked a star because my heel really turned out nothing like the heels in the picture. So either I misunderstood the pattern (I doubt it, SNIFF!), or her heels are knit differently. But they do stay on and they look super adorable and they are very fun to slide around the kitchen in while pretending to be an ice dancer. So overall, two needles up.

They are part of my wardrobe revamp, wherein I am tossing things that have been worn way past the point where I would even consider giving them away to homeless people. Out with my old ratty slippers, stretched-out bras, pajamas from tenth grade, and shoes with actual holes in the bottom. I cleaned out my closet and drawers and bought a few new things and now everything is fresh and tidy and wearable. Aren't I awesome. Definitely!

Well thanks for joining me for the recap. I am off to dinner and knitting night. I hope you are having a great week!

09 February 2010

The Fairy Family

Our Fairy Books

We found these at the library! How cute is that! Cousin Claire had given Bella a bunch of these for her birthday, and now she is hooked. Good thing there are 500 of them.

We were concerned Brent would feel left out. So Bella and I wrote him his story.

Brent The Peanut Butter Fairy

Brent the Peanut Butter fairy was in trouble! He was hanging from a branch and it was making cracking sounds. He had started out well enough, on a ladder picking some wonderful, juicy berries at the top of the berry bush. But that ladder, in a huge gust of wind, had blown down to the ground, leaving Brent hanging on for dear life.
"Oh wouldn't it be nice to have wings right now!" panted Brent. 
Just then, he heard laughter tinkling on the wind. It was Joanne the Butternut Squash Fairy and Amy the Amethyst Fairy coming back from South America, where they had been on a wonderful fairy vacation, just hanging out. 
"HELP!" cried Brent, who was doing some hanging out himself.
But the two fairies were talking and laughing to each other and didn't hear him. Brent's tiny hands were starting to slip. He needed to think of something fast!
Aha! He took his wand out of his belt and waved it around a little. Then he yelled into the tip, "Joanne! Amy! HELP!" His voice boomed out of the microphone wand.
Joanne and Amy stopped talking. "Did you hear that?" asked Amy. They both cocked their pointy ears to listen. 
"HELP!!" echoed Brent again.
Joanne and Amy raced toward the voice. "That's Brent!" said Joanne. They rushed through the bushes and were startled to see Brent dangling from the top of a tall berry bush. They flew as fast as lightning and grabbed Brent, one on each arm, right as they heard the branch go CRACK!
They flew to the ground and set Brent on the grass. 
"Thanks!" he said with relief, rubbing his sore hands together. "I was just trying to get some berries to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to welcome you home."
"Well maybe next time you should let the flying fairies do the high altitude work, ok?" Amy winked and flew up to get a berry. She carried it as they walked to Brent's cottage.
"Now how about some of those sandwiches? I'm starving!" said Joanne. Everyone laughed.


07 February 2010

What's for Dinner

This is me trying to be organized about meals. One of my new year's resolutions! I sat down last Sunday made a plan. Here it is:

S:  Fresh Pasta with Tomatoes, Crispy Deviled Eggs (these are from How to Eat Supper and they are so good)

M: TV Dinner Night! Pierogies, Carrots and Dip

T:  Chili (Mom and Dad brought supper!)

W: Knit Night (this means Brent usually gets McDonald's)

T:  Porcini Farro (except I couldn't find Farro so I made this Pasta Bake instead--delicious), Salad, Grape Phyllo Tart (from Martha Stewart's new book, super good)

F: Pumpkin Leek Soup, Cheese Flautas

S: Chicken Marsala on sage polenta, Salad, Rice Pudding

It went more or less like that.

And now it's already time for this week's menu planning! Any recommendations?

I am so in love with myself for working on this new year's resolution. Self, you are so organized and awesome. I hope I don't burn out after three weeks. Which could so happen. Because planning, shopping, and cooking add up to a part-time job and heaven knows I don't have time for that in between all my knitting and American Idol watching.

01 February 2010

Planning for a Good Year

Bella and Emily Sledding!

Happy February!

Bella's not a big fan of this sledding arrangement ("She's CRUSHING me!"), but she has decided it is better than no sledding. Apparently we need to upgrade to the tandem?

We have been trying to get outside more. It is just so much work to bundle everyone up! And I'm more into lazy parenting. Let's play Barbies while momma drinks coffee. That sort of thing. But I'm getting better at motivating us all to go out and Bella is pretty self-sufficient now with her snowpants and all that.

One of my new year resolutions this year was to have a vegetable garden. Here's our plan. What do you think? My dad is making us a 4x8' raised bed in our very sunny back yard.

Garden Planning

Seascape Strawberries, Yaya Hybrid Carrots, Karina Garden Peas, and four different kinds of Tomatoes--Mortgage Lifter, Sweet Baby Girl, Viva Italia, and Wisconsin 55. We are new at this so if anybody has any advice, we'd sure appreciate it! The plan drawing part was fun so we are off to a good start.