06 January 2010

Happy Birthday Brent!

Pineapple Dream Cake

I think Brent had a nice birthday. I made lasagna, the recipe from Apples for Jam, more or less, and it was sooo good. That is one of my favoritist cookbooks ever. The recipes are right up my alley and all of the text and pictures are about children/childhood. It has such a cozy, sweet feel. Love it.

Happy Birthday!

We (Bella and I) also made pineapple dream cake, which is just yellow cake with special pineapply frosting. Bella added all the ingredients to the bowl, even the 3 eggs. She is actually becoming quite a help in the kitchen!

Happy Birthday Daddy!

We were highly amused by little 10 month Emily Bea stuffing chunk after chunk of cake into her mouth. She ate half my piece! When she was 3 months old, she was "student of the month" at her daycare and I had to fill out a sheet of her 'favorites,' and for favorite food, I jokingly put Twinkies. WHO KNEW?

The girls and I had a fun day getting ready for Daddy's birthday. We also went to Party City to get ready for Bella's birthday! She was so excited and cute, picking out her Strawberry Shortcake supplies. And then pouring through them when we got home, and showing them all to Daddy when he got home. So sweet!

Here she is swimming!

First Swimming Lesson!

She was not as big of a fan as she looks in the photo. But hopefully it'll get easier. I signed her up at Foss, which is the yuppie swim school around here, in an effort to make her first experience as great as possible. And I suppose it was a pretty good first lesson, but the instructor decided to spend the last 10 minutes making them take turns putting their ears in the water. Which destroyed Bella. I ended up squatting at the edge of the pool, trying to pat her back while she sobbed that she didn't like swimming lessons. Kind of heart breaking. I have a feeling this experience is going to involve lots of bribes and some advanced parenting techniques.


  1. The swim lessons WILL get better! So glad you have her signed up there!!! Hooray!

  2. You mean bribing, in and of itself, isn't an advanced parenting technique? It's such a good thing I never signed up for that gig.

    I was older than Bella when I first took swimming lessons, and I was PETRIFIED of putting my whole head under the water. The teacher tried some stupid thing about "pretend there's a flower on top of your head and you need to water it!" but I saw right through her ruse.

  3. I too have traumatic swimming lesson memories--except mine involve a rottweiler hanging out IN THE POOL with me.
    But I am going to trust Katri that all swimming lessons don't SUCK!