02 January 2010

A couple recent projects

Check out this pirate house! I made it for my swashbuckling nephew.

Pirate Playhouse

Pirate Playhouse, side

I got the idea from missprettypretty's etsy shop. She has amazing card table tents. I can't imagine how she does it.

And another playhouse, except this one is about the size of a lunch box. It was a Christmas gift for Emily Bea.

Sweet Little Play House

It even has a little Emily to live inside!

A wee little occupant

Once in a while she likes to chew on the buttons or on the point of the little Emily's head. Other than that, she would rather bang on her piano.

One of my next projects is a Princess and the Pea set for Bella's birthday. I even found pea green roving to needle felt the pea. So exciting! Bella isn't too interested in the whole handmade scene at the moment, but I've decided she still needs a special something from mom. And did I mention I found PEA GREEN ROVING? She must have a pea. At least she was excited when we whipped up a sleeping bag for her My Little Pony the other day.

How were your holidays? We had a nice relaxing week, did lots of cleaning and organizing. A nice way to start the new year--clean and organized!


  1. I don't even know what pea green roving is, but a My Little Pony sleeping bag? THAT I can get excited about! I braided Minty's mane for years.

  2. She got a talking Starsong, who constantly complains that she is TIRED. So Bella originally wanted me to sew her A BED. At least she has faith in my abilities!
    You would like roving. Little globs of wool--very sheepy! Baaaaah.