16 January 2010

Birthday Girl

I think the birthday girl had a nice fourth birthday.

Happy Birthday!

I know everybody says it, but really, FOUR? What the hell?

We celebrated on Friday with Daddy, who had just flown in on a red-eye from DC, ready for a party! Let's ROCK AND RO-zzzzzzzzz... Daddy? Daddy?

On her fourth birthday

We went to Sesame Street Live and played with favorite neighbor Emma.

Bella and Emma

Bella set the menu for dinner: macaroni and cheese, apples, ice cream. Then we opened presents. She got a new book, dollhouse furniture, a video game, some art supplies, and I had been working all week on a special present. A Princess and the Pea set!

The Princess and the Pea

It has twelve mattresses (just like in the Book), a pillow, princess, blanket, and of course, a pea!

The Princess and the Pea

I also made a bag, which is where I was finally able to use some of my previously hoarded Heather Ross princess and the pea fabric. So cute!

The Princess and the Pea

Today, we had the big Strawberry Shortcake party with 7 little friends. We really berried it up!

We had strawberry shortcakes, strawberry milk, strawberry lemonade, strawberry jelly beans.

Cupcakes and Strawberry Lemonade

Birthday girl!

Strawberry Pinata

That's the pinata we made. It took forever. But it was a big hit. BIG HIT! Groan!

Good hit Bella!

Pinata Frenzy!

I even made strawberry play dough, played strawberry music, and had strawberry air freshener. It was totally over the top and so fun.

Party table

We played a couple strawberry-themed games, but mostly the girls were having a great time playing with all my old Strawberry Shortcake toys. Which, luckily, my parents saved, so I don't have obsess over anything on ebay. Thank goodness.

Happy Birthday Bella!

Happy Birthday Bella!


  1. Four is total crazy talk! But it looks like she had a great party, and all the strawberry stuff is so fun. Also, those cupcakes are gorgeous.

  2. Hi Amy,

    Thank you so much for searching for us and reading of our work. Your encouragement means a lot...esp in this difficult time.

    Plus, we all quick looked at your blog and had fun seeing the house...we miss it! When we have more time we might end up as stalkers. ;-) Your kids are beautiful!

    Thanks again,